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10 facts you should know before investing in office floor tiles

10 facts you should know before investing in office floor tiles

Published on 27 December 2021, 02:04:17 PM

The office is the place where people spend most of their day. It is like a second home to most of them, and thus, making it comfortable becomes a duty of the business owner. Official space not only defines the culture of the company but also helps employees in bringing out the best in them. There have been studies mentioning the fact that the decor of the cubicles or the operational floors contributes a lot towards the concentration of an employee. Thus, focusing on office floor tiles becomes crucial to gain the productivity that you are hoping for.

Here are some of the facts that one should keep in mind while investing in the installation of office floor tiles:

  1. Make sure to check the budget available for your flooring requirements. There are plenty of office floor tiles options available in the market suiting varying budgets. You should take into consideration all the required areas where you need to install the flooring. This will help you in making an informed decision which will be good for you and your business. Commercial space is easily prone to look and feel boring, hence going for interesting floor options can do the trick.
  2. The office floor tiles which you plan to get installed should provide underfoot comfort to employees. Glossy tiles might not be a good fit for formal shoes. So make sure that the tiles should be comfortable to walk on. Carpet Tiles can be an ideal option for offices given how durable they are. It can endure heavy foot traffic and has a solid texture that will look vibrant for a long time. Welspun Flooring offers a wide range of designs in carpet tiles that can suit any space.
  3. An office is a place that experiences high foot traffic daily. Spending on a more robust option should be a smart decision. You would not want to be spending your time and money in getting your office floor tiles repaired or renovated in short intervals.
  4. Cleaning and maintenance is another aspect one should keep in mind while finalizing any office floor tiles. Ceramic tiles or Carpet Tiles are some of the options which can be installed easily and can be cleaned with a damp cloth too.
  5. The size of the office floor tiles also matters as they can make the space appear big. Long tiles give an elaborated look to the rooms and open spaces making it look more spacious.
  6. The nature of work is also important in determining the colours and shapes of the office floor tiles. If it is a creative field, bright colour or glossy finish tiles will work best as it makes the spaces look bigger and create a lively ambience. For other clerical offices, PVC floor carpets will work best and will also grace the look of the office.
  7. Meeting rooms or board rooms can be installed with carpet tiles owing to their royal ambience and their sound-absorbing property.
  8. Your office cafeteria can be the place of accidents and spills. Thus, you should consider office floor tiles that are stain-resistant, waterproof, and easy to clean. For this, you can opt for marble tiles which are specifically made for the kitchen and other such areas. It will be a smart decision on your end.
  9. Some offices offer creche for kids where employees can bring in their kids, especially when both parents are working. In such a case, office floor tiles used should be such that they give underfoot comfort and come with anti-slip properties. Ceramic tiles or carpet tiles can be an option to consider for these rooms.
  10. Lastly, you can use smart ideas in creating a relaxing zone for your employees. Chessboard-like marble tile patterns can create a fun mood and encourage your employees to indulge in something which is not just related to work.

These are some of the facts when considered, can help you in designing your office space a tad different from regular and boring offices. Welspun Flooring will provide you with plenty of flooring options to choose from which includes Click-N-Lock tiles, Carpet Tiles, artificial grass flooring Greens, and Wall-to-Wall Carpets. You can visit our website and design a solution for all the rooms in your office.

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