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Welspun Flooring - Sustainability

Zero Waste

We at Welspun Flooring have adopted the principle of responsible management of all process waste since the Inception of the Facility. Our material management is handled responsibly to ensure a circular economy for all the process-generated wastes. Our manufacturing facility operates in a Zero waste to landfill principle and this is not restricted to processing wastes alone but is extended across the entire operations.

Zero Emission

We conduct carbon footprint assessments and energy audits to analyze the existing power consumption pattern and come up with the best solution to reduce carbon emissions. We have initiated the use of Biogenic fuel resources to avoid fossil fuel dependence. Apart from the above, activities such as vehicle pooling for employee commute, use of electrical equipment for all our internal material movement, flexible packing material made from recycled content for our finish products are some initiatives aimed at reducing emissions.

Zero Non-Renewable

To streamline our work towards sustainability, we have shifted a part of our energy dependency from conventional power generation to Renewable energy. Currently, over 15% of our total energy is sourced from Renewable inputs. We aim to increase this dependency to 100% renewable sources by 2030.

Reduce, Reuse,
Re-purpose & Recycle

The Indian value systems, ingrained in our cultural roots are implemented in all our operations and supply chains to prevent any forms of environmental damages from our operations. Our focus on 4R’s is of the order first to reduce, then to reuse followed by repurposing and recycling. The adoption of the above principle is not limited to material management alone but is extended in the utilization of other resources such as water, electricity, and all other utilities. We are a Zero Liquid discharge facility.

Creating Shared Values

At Welspun Group, we believe it is crucial to address the global need for sustainable practices and share a wholesome bond with the communities we influence. We work closely with the surrounding villages to better their quality of life in the aspects of Education, Environment, and Health sectors to empower the communities. In everything we do, there is a determination for sustainable development and synchronizing the needs of the present and future.

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