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10 Floor tile options to give the aesthetic look to your room

10 Floor tile options to give the aesthetic look to your room

Published on 31 July 2021, 07:52:59 AM

When it comes to giving your home an aesthetic look, you cannot ignore the fact that flooring is one of the most important elements in your abode.  You don’t need extra accessories when you have the right base - the floor tiles that multiply the feel of your aesthetic room.  

Right flooring? What is it, and how to choose it are the next big questions that might have popped up in your mind? And that’s totally reasonable. With so many types of floor tiles to pick from, how do you close the funnel and come to one fine option? No worries, to aid in your decision, here are ten of the most fitting floor tiles options for your perfect aesthetic room:


1. Ceramic Tiles: Ceramic tiles are the go-to choice for everything modern in an aesthetic room. It is the most popular tile available in the market and can be found in almost every area of your home. But, these tiles come with a flaw - they are prone to weather change, and thus the floor gets either very hot or cold according to the temperature. 


2. Porcelain Tiles: If having versatile and innovative design options is your requisite, then porcelain tiles are the best for you. These all-purpose tiles are another popular option and can be found everywhere. However, the biggest drawback with porcelain tile is its tricky installation. 


3. Stone Polymer Composite Flooring:  

 SPC tiles are tough enough to withstand heavy foot traffic in spaces and gorgeous enough to make for a perfect aesthetic room. Click N Lock tiles by Welspun is a quintessential example of SPC flooring and comes with the unique Wel-Lock ™ technology, which allows the tiles to fit into one another without any hassle perfectly in less than a day. These tiles can also be installed on the existing floor without any dust or noise.


4. Wall to Wall Carpets: Ever wondered about giving your space a theatre-like decor? Then these classy and comfortable Wall-to-Wall carpets from Welspun are a perfect match for your aesthetic room. These tiles come with a superior sound absorption technology that prevents excess reverberation around the room. Moreover, they are resistant to stains and bacteria. Good quality wall carpets are indeed one-of-a-kind!


5. Glass Tiles: Some things have the inherent magic to make every space look appealing with their sheer presence, and glass tiles are one of those things. These tiles come with an excellent finish and put forth a sparkling and aesthetic room. Also, note that these tiles are not advisable for high-pressure areas.


6. Vinyl Tiles: Vinyl Flooring is a versatile option that is available for people who want aesthetics at an efficient cost. Available in designs that simulate hardwood and stone finishes, vinyl is one of the relatively inexpensive options in India. Being stain-resistant and water-resistant, these floors are quite durable. However, you will need to take extra care to protect the floor from scratches. 


7. Grass Flooring: How about enjoying the feel of grass without the hassle of maintaining it? Sounds great, right? Then, this type of flooring is your match made in heaven. Give your abode an inviting look with Welspun Greens, the best-in-class artificial grass known for its highly resistant and natural looking grass fibers for many years. 


8.Mosaic Tiles: Put your creative brains to test as these types of tiles come in various shapes, sizes, styles that can be alternatively used together to create a visually aesthetic room.  


9. Marble Tiles: You can refine the look of any space with the elegant touch of marble tiles. With all the pros, however, the biggest concern is that these tiles are extremely costly and demand a lot of care to keep up the grace.  


10. Carpet Tiles: The welcoming and comfortable ambiance that these carpet tiles create is definitely an unmatched experience. These tiles come with a unique comfortile backing such that you feel the comfort under your feet as you walk on these plush flooring. Designed from the best quality yarn, Carpet Tiles from Welspun are made to last for years to come. Transform the look of any boring space into an aesthetic room with these beautiful tiles. 


So the next time you decide to have an aesthetic room for yourself with the nonpareil and smart flooring, you know where to head...Yes, to Welspun Flooring!

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