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10 Flooring Design Ideas for a Calm Study Room Décor

10 Flooring Design Ideas for a Calm Study Room Décor

Published on 26 August 2021, 07:50:27 AM

A modern-day study room demands functionality and a kind of aesthetic that would set the creative energies flowing in.  After all, great ideas come from inspiration, and we believe a proper study room can implant originality if given the right décor. Choosing the wrong approach to décor may lead to clutter, which can be quite overwhelming and counterproductive for its true purpose. Hence, going through various study room décor ideas for selecting the right approach is an extremely critical process that requires the right kind of planning. Whether you’re looking for simple study room ideas or something dynamic that reflects your personality, proper research and planning has to be given some time. There are various elements of solid study room flooring ideas that you need to consider before starting on your design process. Here are some study room flooring trends to help you get started on your revamp project.


If you want your study room designs to be simple yet elegant, look no further than a wooden finish and earthy toned flooring that sets your mood right away for its soothing appeal. Selecting a light color palette like Golden Oak from Click N Lock Tiles at Welspun will be a wise option for this particular room as it would aid in keeping your mind calm and focused. You can also choose Siena Teal from Carpet Tiles that adds grace to the study room designs.


Perfect for kids and adults who are wanderlust at heart, light-colored wooden flooring in study room designs with blue and white wall palettes will be the right choice. Whisker Oak flooring and a matching study table accentuated with pictures of all scenic places all across the world will feed your maverick soul. Siena Granola is also our next favorite from Carpet Tiles if you love the texture of the fabric in flooring.

Nature lover 

A nature lover’s study room must possess natural elements that keep your mind focussed. The natural calmness of plants along with the carpet tiles like Defne for your study room designs radiates the aura of Mother Earth and connects you with the vibes of nature. 

Creative head 

A room with a world map, a pinboard with numerous ideas/ sketches, a to-do-list hanging, and a soothing flooring color like the Winter Sky is what a creative head’s study room designs must look like. The white color of the desk, ergonomic chair, and bookshelf with books complete the décor. This particular interlocking tile reflects a grave tone to the room that balances the ingenuity of the kid’s activity. 

Favourite colour 

Choosing a favorite color like mint green, yellow or others can be a great option too for your study room designs. With earthy tone flooring from Welspun (most preferably the Cambrey Ake or the Cambrey Grey), these colored walls will set a new mood and kick in motivation for you or your kid’s next activity. 

All white or cream color palettes 

The contemporary study room design ideas can be well defined with a single color light shade for the walls, mainly cream or white, along with a comparatively darker shade for flooring. The Java Wood from Welspun, for instance, will accentuate the color scheme of the room and is the way to go if you are looking for a calm study room design


Nowadays, study room designs can take a new level that will not only reflect your fine taste but also sets the mood for studying and working. This idea is also like the previous one where the dark-colored sombre flooring with metallic furniture will set the ambiance. This idea can be fulfilled through Welspun’s Ember Sky, Delta, or Java Wood Click N Lock Interlocking Tiles. 

Stress Buster 

Research suggests that a green pastel shade improves your attention span while keeping your mind focussed and away from wandering. Compliment this shade with Gold Shift from Carpet Tiles that will be the ideal choice for study room designs. These combinations would undeniably be perfect to set your study/ work mode on.  


The tile flooring should have a minimalistic design that itself will prove the dignity of the study room. So study room designs with Welspun Flooring and minimal furniture in the room will itself provide a high tonality to the aesthetic. Your kids can utilize the floor conveniently as the interlocking tiles have cushion-backed flooring making it comfortable. 

There are a plethora of options for flooring design for study room available today. Click N Lock tiles have multiple luxurious study room designs from which you can choose the exact earthy tone for your home that sets your ambiance for projects and homework. Its anti-fade UV finishing backed by a UV layer lends it a protective layer that prevents scratches and stains making it ideal for the kids’ heavy activities on the flooring. 

As you have navigated through various interlocking tiles flooring options that are ideal for study room designs, visit Welspun Flooring for more details. 

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