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10 Quick Tips Regarding Artificial Grass Sizes

10 Quick Tips Regarding Artificial Grass Sizes

Published on 26 July 2021, 01:10:00 PM

Artificial grass has slowly gained immense popularity in the real estate market. Whether it’s a commercial space or a residential territory, if you want your lawn or your open spaces to look lush green and bear a manicured look throughout the year, it's important to choose the right artificial grass sizes. While choosing the perfect artificial grass sizes people consider color, density, resilience, and flexibility but often miss out on pile height. Pile height is basically the length of the artificial grass. In this blog, we look at some important factors to remember to choose the right artificial grass sizes to add a touch of greenery to your spaces.

  1. How to decide on the pile height - Pile height is measured from the tip to the backing. For gardens and new-age lawns, pile heights between 20 to 40 mm are the most common. To decide on the right pile height for your space you need to have an average idea of the basic foot load you are expecting. If you are expecting a heavy foot load go for longer pile heights, if not then shorter or medium grass heights of the artificial grass size will work. 

  2. How much foot traffic do you expect - Depending on the heaviness of the foot traffic you should choose your artificial grass sizes. If you are expecting a large number of footfalls, go for a higher pile height. It will also be more suitable for kids and pets and will also give a luxurious and lush look. The grass blades will offer a fluffy base for foot landing.  

  3. Interior or exterior space -You can use short lengths for sophisticated areas and private spaces. Eg. interior spaces like your balcony. Heavy foot activities and irregular boot stomps are not expected here. But for your lawn and terrace, longer lengths in artificial grass sizes are recommended because it will be all about evening sports and house parties. 

  4. Perfect grass size for the office - It’s a space where everyone is running around to meet deadlines. Office space needs a medium or long grass height. The artificial grass sizes being longer will help to absorb the shock generated by stomping on the grass surface. But for an office balcony, you can go for short-pile heights as it will witness more relaxed foot movement. 

  5. For hosting heavy sports - Playspaces on our rooftops and lawns were always therapeutic. But if you want to take it up a level by hosting hard sports like football and kabaddi you will need to use sports grass. It is manufactured by using different chemical solutions and technology. It makes the grass put up with strong foot thrusts and also prevents digging with boot heels.

  6. 10 to 15 mm artificial Grass - If you want to have a very tidy and neat-looking lawn then go for this height. It will be easy to clean up and maintain high hygiene throughout the year.  You can play sports on it and throw a party on your lawn without worrying much about the after-party cleaning. So in a way, it is super easy to maintain a pile height of 10 to 15 mm of artificial grass.

  7. The pile height of 25 millimetres or less -  A lawn is a space where your kids make memories with the pet and their little friends. It holds a lot of emotions. Now if you have to choose between having a beautiful lush green lawn or a lawn that stands up to the heavy activities of your kids and pets. Which one would you choose? Well, you can have both. Go for dense turf with long artificial grass size. The length and density will create soft bedding. It will make a great landing spot for knees and elbows. 

  8. The pile height of 35 millimetres - The longer the artificial grass sizes, the more real it looks. If you want to keep the landscape real don't think twice. Go for 35 mm pile height. Your area will look well-trimmed and neat and with the right pile density, it will hold heavy foot traffic of any kind and also it will offer an excellent balance between tenderness and strength.

  9. The pile height of 45 millimetres’’ -  If you want your lawn to be bushy and have a realistic feel then go for 45 mm grass. Besides adding a lot of aesthetic value to your landscape the long grass will also prevent dust from blowing directly into your room. It will act as a great air filter refining out thick layers of fine particles. 

  10. Which length will be easy for maintenance - Shorter grass lengths are easier to clean and wash while longer grass needs professional cleaning. 

Welspun greens are made of fibres that are the next best thing to natural grass. Its lush green colour is smoothly blended throughout with a mix of gold and yellow to give the impression of the weathered look of real grass. Welspun has a diversified gallery of pile heights - 25mm,35mm and 45mm that will fit in your lawns, home gardens, terrace gardens or balcony space.

Their artificial green grasses are made of highly resilient fibres to prevent flattening out and withhold the cushioned tenderness even after long terms of use. The inbuilt drainage system is engineered in a certain way to prevent water clogging. The channels inside flush out the mud and soggy things along with rainwater. Welspun greens are manufactured to give it all in one. From low maintenance cost to durability to sophistication.

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