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10 Things To Know Before Installing Polyvinyl Flooring

10 Things To Know Before Installing Polyvinyl Flooring

Published on 26 August 2021, 08:27:18 AM

Flooring is something that will remain for a long period. You must spend a considerable amount of time before making your choice. It is easy to get confused when there are so many options out there like Marble, Granite, Stone, Wooden, and Polyvinyl flooring (PVC) among others. Polyvinyl flooring is a very popular flooring option because it is economical and has great aesthetics. In this blog, we will take a deep dive into things you need to know before you get yourself PVC or Polyvinyl flooring.

Type Of Usage

Polyvinyl flooring is suitable for low-traffic areas but there are finishing options available that can withstand higher foot traffic as well. They are an ideal solution for residential spaces as the traffic in terms of the number of users is low. Polyvinyl flooring is also perfect for areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms as they are prone to spills and moisture. 

Types Of Finishes

You will get three different types of finishing options when you consider polyvinyl flooring. Firstly, there is the no-wax finish which is ideal for low-traffic areas. Second, on the list is the urethane finish which is ideal for moderate foot traffic and is more durable. Lastly, enhanced urethane finish PVC floors are meant for heavier foot traffic and are the most durable ones in this category.

They Are Durable

Durability should be a top requirement before you finalize a flooring option for your home. Polyvinyl flooring is highly durable. They are easy to maintain as they are resistant to water and moisture. However, you must be careful when you are dealing with sharp and heavy objects on such floors.

Different Types Of PVC Floors

You can get polyvinyl flooring in different options like tiles, sheets, and planks. Each type of option has its advantages. For example, tiles would have grooves while sheets and planks won’t. Further, tiles and planks could be replaced individually whereas PVC sheet flooring will have to be completely replaced. 

Prone To Fading

Polyvinyl flooring is prone to fading if exposed to sunlight. They are ideally not suitable for outdoor areas. If any particular indoor area is regularly exposed to sunlight, it’s better to avoid installing PVC floors there or one must have provisions to shield the floor from prolonged exposure.

Stain Resistance

Polyvinyl flooring is resistant to stains and spills as it has a wear layer on them. However, solid and composite PVC tiles will not have such protection. Therefore, they will require due maintenance and timely polishing to keep them in their best condition.

Design Options

Polyvinyl flooring is highly versatile and hence is available in plenty of colors and patterns. You can also create looks of stone or hardwood floors without paying the higher prices of such floors.

Cost Of Repairs

The cost of maintenance depends on the quality of the PVC floor. Low-quality PVC floors can be prone to rips and tears but a high-quality floor will last longer without much damage over the years.

Cost Of Installation

PVC floors are the most economical flooring options on a square-foot basis. They offer significant cost savings when compared to wooden or marble flooring. If you are someone who likes to DIY (Do It Yourself), you can save up on minimal labor costs too.

Welspun Has Better Solutions

While polyvinyl floorings offer great benefits all-round, Welspun’s advanced Click N Lock tiles can provide an edge over them in terms of design, durability, installation, maintenance, etc.  Its 5-layer core is made of stone polymer composite and requires less than a day's installation without any dust or noise.

You get everything with PVC floorings like durability, a variety of designs, simple maintenance, and economic pricing. However, there is a better option available like the Welspun SPC Click N Lock tiles that are available in stone, wood, and vogue finishes, can be installed in a day on existing floors, and meet international standards. 

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