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10 ways that grey floor tiles can surprise you!

10 ways that grey floor tiles can surprise you!

Published on 26 July 2021, 01:23:09 PM

Modern and contemporary, grey is certainly the shade of the moment. A trend set to stay for years to come. Grey interiors and tiles are staples in the majority of house furnishing projects. A dash here on the coating of the walls or a splash there with tiles, furniture, and fixtures. Grey is a trendy and timeless colour for any space. 

Wondering how to inject some grey colour into your floor tiles and make your space an iconic place? Here’s how you can do it: 

1. A statement looks for a chill-out room:

Do you have a room dedicated in your home for chilling out or just gaming? Well, here’s how grey floor tiles can make it look like a fun zone. Believe it or not, grey is a unique and versatile color. You can choose to use lighter grey floor tiles in an asymmetrical design teamed with a darker shade of grey. The scheme will give your space an edgy and rugged look. 

2. Where do deeper shades of grey align? 

Darker shades like graphite and charcoal grey floor tiles can give your space a dramatic and sophisticated finish. Shades like these can create a perfect combination of stylish yet relaxing home offices. 

3. Is it for the living room?

Grey has a wide spectrum of ranges. While it works well on its own, it is a great tone for making bright colours pop. Try a contrast of dark and light grey floor tiles and pair it with vibrant shades like orange, teals and fuchsia of furniture or home décor to complete the interior room of the living space.

4. For the bathroom: 

Your bathroom can be a space for relaxation if you want it to be. An ashy stone look will accentuate the relaxation look further. Have you seen images of Turkish baths? Inspired from the charming Eurasian palette – the stone finish grey floor tiles look will make the bathrooms striking. 

5. Teaming grey with different textures:

Looking for a space where you can bring in an ethereal look? Well, what if grey floor tiles can achieve that look but are teamed up with natural wooden textures and marbles. An exclusive and bold choice, right? This combination would look great if you have a patio in dire need of an upgrade. The grey floor tiles coupled with wooden and marble textures would gleam in the sun – the Vatican feels right there! 

6. How well do grey and contemporary go? 

While going the contemporary route, lighter shades of grey floor tiles and dove greys are alternatives to white. For a simple and contemporary look in your home or office space, pair lighter hues of grey floor tiles with wooden elements or greens to get an urban feel. To class it up further, add some white furniture. 

7. Wood and grey, let’s explore: 

We’ve established early on in the blog that grey is a versatile colour. This makes grey and wood best friends. Darker wood textures provide richness and warmth to space. Lighter wood textures share an intimate and crisp feel when paired with the right grey floor tiles. Add in a splash of velvet, stones, and metal flavours in the room to finish the room’s look. 

8. Carpet look with grey: 

Wondered how a grey rug or a full-scale carpet looks in a room? Simply put - nothing short of elegant. If your sense of choice in a study room or living space is all pastels or shades of darker browns – then a darker shade of grey carpet can create a hypnotic look. In the soft flooring category, carpet tiles are a top favourite because of their diverse design possibilities and low cost of maintenance. It has a velveteen and rich look – blends well with the hypnotic statement.  

9. Modern twist: 

If there’s a space in your home or office that’s been all classic with white-on-white paint, tiles, and furniture. It’s time to change! Use dark grey floor tiles and use accessories with a sophisticated finish to complete the contrasting look we’re aiming for. 

10. Doesn’t grey scream luxury? 

Here’s the thing – grey comes in umpteen tile shades. For a luxurious look, choose dark grey and create a feature in the tiles by combining contrasting shades of grey floor tiles. To air out space, try glossy tiles or opt for classic white tiles.

Well, there you have it. Here’s our take on how you can use grey floor tiles in your home or office space. You may want to look at some of our collections here to decide on the designs before getting started with the transformation. 

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