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11 Easy Home Décor Ideas for Beautiful Transformation

11 Easy Home Décor Ideas for Beautiful Transformation

Published on 31 July 2021, 03:20:16 PM

Decorating a new house or exploring new home décor ideas can be quite exciting. The creative juices that get to flow from the planning stage until the execution can give you an adrenaline rush of a kind. No matter what type of home décor ideas or designs you plan to work on,  you should keep in mind that every minute details matter, to bring out the overall look and feel you are aiming for. 

From selecting suitable furniture for a particular corner of the living room to deciding an ideal colour palette for that dining space wall, here are some tips and tricks to help you get home décor ideas for your house, making it not just more welcoming, but complete with your own unique signature style!


  • The right colours:  Choosing the right colour for your rooms can be tricky or confusing to some. Colours are of two types: warm and cool, and pairing the right colour temperature can bring the right vibes by enhancing the overall aesthetics of the house. Colours within the same base, but slightly different shades always look stunning. Some eye-catching combinations are listed below-

    • Viridian green goes well with purple, combine these for a mystical look

    • Play with the shades of rosewood and mossy green for an earthy texture

    • Turquoise and cream are the perfect combinations for any given space

    • Decorate your space for your much-deserved ‘Me Time’ with the shades of indigo and teal to add soothing vibes to your space. 


  • Signature Accent wall: Feature walls are one such home décor idea that is inexpensive and yet it helps your room stand out. As your feature wall will be the centrepiece of your room, it is important to select the right wall and a shade that would enhance your space. Play around with texture, which can be easily done by hiring professionals or you can easily engage in some fun DIY using just anything (an old rag or cloth, crumpled newspaper, or a paintbrush) that you can find around you. All you need to do is, let your hair down and have fun with the paint, and in no time you will find out that you have indeed created a masterpiece. 


  • Invest in decent lighting: Good lighting improves your mood, sets the atmosphere, and enhances energy levels. Install lamps, pendant lights, and task lights for transforming your home with your home décor ideas splendidly. Candles and string lights when used with some insight can transform the overall look and feel of the room.  Play around with various scented candles to create a romantic oasis in the bedroom.  So, if you have been looking for alluring and effortless home décor ideas to style your rooms, then opt for candles and string lights, after all; these are affordable too.

  • Flooring: Usually we think about revamping the whole house, but we neglect the floors. We try to hide the wear and tear on the floor unsuccessfully with carpets and rugs. Apart from the hassle involved, there are very few options available for home décor ideas in the market that one could consider, and it was very inconvenient to change the flooring of a house due to the fact it is highly expensive and also the amount of work involved to change the tiles is backbreaking.

However, Welspun has come up with a solution for the same by offering modular flooring products that you can easily install in no time. You can check out the vast range of flooring options offered by Welspun. Opt for their range of Click-N-Lock Tiles (Wel-Lock Technology),  Carpet TilesWall to Wall Carpets, and Greens as per your space and needs. 

So, why wait? Go ahead transform your space with these home décor ideas, to give your dream home a whole new look! 

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