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15 living room floor patterns for your hall interior design

15 living room floor patterns for your hall interior design

Published on 15 November 2021, 09:30:21 AM

When you think about the hall interior design, you just can’t skip flooring as it’s one of the primary elements that define and is pervasive throughout the living room. Flooring is the beginning step to designing your decor. You can’t do away with it or keep it for last. The flooring pattern has to be sorted at the very inception of the whole hall interior design. Narrowing down to a floor pattern can be as difficult as choosing a flooring type.

Floor patterns make way for how your hall interior design would come out. If you have the foundation laid, you know how you are going to go ahead. So, to get a beautiful and distinctive hall interior design, you naturally need to have the right floor tile patterns. Let’s look at some options:

1. Straight Lay Floor Pattern

As the name suggests, in the straight lay pattern, the tiles are arranged in a clean straight line. This pattern allows one to play with colours and textures to take the hall interior design to the next level. The options are versatile - choose a scheme of dark and light shades or go for all light in the centre, it’s all up to you!   

2. Diagonal Grid Floor Pattern

Angles are important for flooring too. Tilt your tile by approximately 45 degrees, and see your hall interior design reflecting the illusion of a large space just in one look. This pattern is therefore perfect for any small room. The flow-like movement created using this pattern can add visual interest like none.

3. Running Bond Floor Pattern

Also known as an offset tiling pattern, the running bond pattern looks visually stunning and has a simple installation process. This pattern is created by placing the tile in the second row just below the centre of the tile in the first row. The tile in the third row is placed on the same edge as the first row. It is an alternate process to give your hall interior design a running look intentionally.

4. Checkerboard Floor Pattern

To start with - it’s chess, literally. This floor pattern is a perfect blend of classic and elegant style mixed with versatility. Traditionally, these chessboard grids were made of white and black, but due to a wide variety of options available, you can choose any shade from bold to subtle according to your hall interior design. 

5. Chevron Floor Pattern

It’s a zigzag pattern - rectangular floor tiles mixed with angled edges. This pattern also carries the path away from the focal point and gives an elongated illusion. For a beautiful and romantic hall interior design, you can choose different colours for alternate tiles or can create a pattern using four colours too.

6. Herringbone Floor Pattern

This after is an extended version of the Chevron and has the same quality of widening the look. The difference is that in the Herringbone pattern, the tiles are not perfectly angled, which makes it look like the letter V - homeowners thoroughly love this pattern for their hall interior design.    

7. Octagon and Dot Floor Pattern

This pattern is the best if you want to add a dash of retro vibes to your hall interior design. Octagon and dot flooring is available easily in the market and is perfect for giving your space a 3D look. Plus point - you can try a lot of creative combinations with this one.

8. Parquet Floor Pattern

Parquet is a timeless pattern made by tiles shaped in various geometrical and angular shapes like triangles, squares, and rectangles. This pattern too in an extended version of herringbone, but is more apt for chic hall interior design because of the intricate look.  

9. Diamond Rug Floor Pattern

Highlight your hall interior design with a bold border around square tiles and make it look like a timeless diamond rug with tiles for a luxurious look. Play with delicate colours for an appealing visual.

10. Crosshatch Floor Pattern

This pattern looks somewhat similar to the herringbone pattern but is more suited for large hall interior designs. Alternate stacks of tiles are placed in a perpendicular format to trick the eys for a natural flow.  

11. Windmill Floor Pattern

The pattern of placing four rectangle tiles around a central square tile to create a frame is so mesmerizing that your guests would stop to appreciate the beauty of your hall interior design. Pro tip: antique square tiles look the best here.

12. Hopscotch Floor Pattern

Made using no specific combination of large and small square tiles, this floor requires careful planning in terms of colours and sizes for an attractive, playful look. It is always advisable to dry-fit this pattern before actually installing it. 

13. Grid Floor Patterns

Placing rectangular tiles together in horizontal and vertical arrangements alternately is one of the easiest and modern ways to go about floor patterns for your hall interior design. It’s minimalistic, edgy, and simply elegant.  

14. Corridor Floor Pattern

Divide your floor into columns using floor tiles to give your hall interior design a “walkway look”. This pattern is an interesting new trend for the living rooms and is already winning hearts. Play with different colours to bring out your uniqueness. 

15. Basketweave Floor Pattern

Do you remember the beautiful baskets with fibres woven at 90-degrees? This pattern has its root from there. This pattern is created by placing two rectangular tiles horizontally against two other tiles vertically and is exceptionally impressive for your hall interior design. This pattern can give an old-world, chic, or playful look depending on the material of tiles. 

Now that you have a clear list of the most beautiful tile patterns to exist, you can move your search for the best flooring options available. Head on to Welspun Flooring for that! 

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