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20 Mind-Blowing Home Decor Ideas to Take Inspiration From

20 Mind-Blowing Home Decor Ideas to Take Inspiration From

Published on 28 July 2022, 09:53:41 AM

Whether you are moving into a new home or thinking of sprucing up your existing space, there’s one thing you have got to admit – it’s an exciting phase. Creating your dream home requires surfing through countless home décor ideas to choose the one that fits your vision. We know how daunting that can be. So, we went a step ahead and rounded up the top 20 unique home décor ideas to get you started on your home decorating journey. Let’s get straight to it.

Play with Textures

Mix mirrors and metal pieces with softer textures such as wool and velvet for a great contrast.

Install Colorful Curtains

Instead of a door, opt for a curtain for your entrance hall to add a pop of color that perfectly complements the wall color.

Think Out-of-the-box for the Coffee Table

Cover your coffee table with a collection of classic pots and planters instead of the regular assortment of magazines.

Make A Statement at the Foyer

Go for a bold wall color or an eye-grabbing wallpaper to create a first good impression when your guests walk into your room.

Get Versatile End Tables

Buy sleek end tables that can act as a work surface for your kids to do their homework and double up as vase holders when not in use.

Home Library

Make the booklover in you happy with a neatly organized home library using floating shelves or built-in cabinets.

Accentuate Neutral Scheme with Subtle Detailing

Minimal addition of gold paint on the structure of the shelving can enhance the look of your living room and give it a fresh vibe.

Get A Movable Wall Mural

The easiest way to transform your walls without hassles is by installing stick-on wall murals that won’t take off the paint when removed.

Bring Nature Indoors

Make a green corner in your home with lots of plants to bring lively and cheerful vibes to your space. 

Use Colorful Rugs

The bigger the rug, the bigger it will make your room appear. It’s also a great way to add a burst of colors to your room.

Hang Curtains High

Wish to add more depth to your rooms? Hang your curtains higher i.e., closer to the ceiling to give an elongated effect.

Pick Neutral Upholstery

A smart thumb rule is to select neutral shades for your upholstery that can be accentuated with pillows and throws to add colors.

Mix and Match Chairs

To create a more casual atmosphere in your dining area, swap out a few formal chairs with rustic metal ones.

Design A Statement Wall

Whether you wish to display art or simply cover up the wall with pictures, create a statement look for your living room wall that becomes the focal point.

Restyle Your Flooring

Transform your floors from dull to stunning with monochromatic patterns for a sophisticated look or mosaic tiles for a softer vibe.

Hang A Chair

Got an awkward corner that remains empty? Hang a chair to turn things playful. Deck it up with leather upholstery for added comfort.

Colorful Light Fixture

Give an unsightly light fixture a makeover with a few coats of paint, round bulbs, and some pom-pom fringes for decoration. 

Painted Bricks

Give your old-school brick fireplace a facelift with a coat of cream-colored paint for a ‘70s-era home décor that you are guaranteed to love.

Natural Elements

A focus on natural elements is growing exponentially amongst homeowners. Blues, greens, browns, and warm beiges will be in trend. Selecting furniture with blonde wood can make your space look airy and calm.

Bold Accent Shade for Window Frames

Make your space more Instagram-worthy by adding accent shades to your window frames, shutters, and reveals in strong colors that can make heads turn. 

Are You Feeling Inspired?

We hope our stunning home décor ideas have encouraged you to transform your home into a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing sanctuary. If you are looking to restyle your floors, Welspun Flooring offers a wide range of flooring options to suit your individual tastes, styles, and budgets. Our Click-N-Lock tiles range is available in a multitude of colors, shades, designs, textures, and patterns that will leave you spoilt for choice. You can view our entire collection here. 

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