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3bhk interior design ideas that you can't resist

3bhk interior design ideas that you can't resist

Published on 28 July 2022, 09:36:53 AM

When we are talking of homes, size matters. The bigger the rooms, the bigger the space to play around with and enjoy a comfortable living experience. But honestly, having too much space can just as easily pose its challenges. How do you fill a space that looks cohesive without any awkward corners? If you have recently moved into a 3BHK apartment, you would agree with us, right? It can be daunting to find the perfect 3BHK interior design ideas that don't make a room too cramped or end up with much-wasted space either. Luckily for you, we have rounded up the best 3BHK interior design ideas to make the most of your spacious rooms.

Analyze Your Space

Before you begin surfing the latest 3BHK interior design ideas, take a moment to consider how you will use each room. How are you going to use the extra bedrooms? Will you be converting one room into a guest bedroom? What about the extra dining space in the living room? Do you want to create zones to separate it from the rest of the room? Knowing what function each room or area has can considerably help you plan right to decorate them suitably. 

Quality > Quantity

Just because your rooms are spacious, don’t make the blunder of cramping it with too many things that don’t add any value. Follow the ‘less is more’ mantra when it comes to styling your rooms. Invest in a few statement pieces that can grab attention and pass the test of time too. For instance, for your living room, invest in large sofas and a few accent chairs for maximum seating space. A wall-mounted TV unit with built-in cabinets and shelves can be used for storage and preventing clutter.


Depending on the theme of your interior décor, pay attention to the texture to achieve the desired effect in each room. If you want to connect with nature, use textures with the grainy earthiness of the wood. For a pleasant effect, try the softness of velvet or the buoyancy of feathers as natural elements of your interior design landscape. For a sparkly and shiny effect, using metallic statement pieces with lots of mirrors can help create the desired look and feel for your home. 

Make Lighting Stunning

A good advantage of having a bigger apartment is that you get to play with the lighting. From stylish pendant lightings over your kitchen island to chandeliers in the living room, the choices are plenty. You can also invest in ceiling lights to brighten up areas of your entryway or hallway. The dimmer switch can set up the mood lighting when you want to lounge or unwind after a long day. 

Go Bold 

While small spaces tend to look chaotic with too much décor, big spaces can handle over-the-top designs with ease. So, you can afford to go bold with your 3BHK interior design choices for building a cohesive space. From printed rugs and red tufted couches to high-end coffee tables, you can dare to try it all. Make sure the tints and tones match so all the décor elements tie together harmoniously. For instance, pink lighting fixtures, a red couch, and coral throw pillows can complement each other while adding a burst of color to your space. 

Wrapping Up

A home should reflect the personal tastes of every family member sharing a common space. We hope our 3BHK interior design ideas can be an expression of your personality and individual style. Choosing the right décor elements, colors, furniture, flooring, etc. can be overwhelming when done alone. An expert can make your lives easier and work with you to accentuate your space like never before. This is where we come in.

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