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5 bedroom floor tiles tips to brighten your space

5 bedroom floor tiles tips to brighten your space

Published on 25 December 2021, 06:17:18 AM

The primary color and scent of your bedroom, the comfort level of your bed, the texture of your bedsheets, and everything deserves your personality in some ways and thus should be selected with utmost preciseness.

Another essential thing that the canvas of your whole space is the bedroom floor tiles—the base of everything. Regardless of how beautiful your walls and furniture are, a dull floor can bring down the look of the room. Imagine a gorgeous room with unpleasant and disfigured flooring. Feels disastrous, right? Don’t worry. 

Without any further discussion, let’s jump right away to five lesser-known bedroom floor tiles pointers to brighten your space! Read on!

1. Comfort Comes First: If we were to think of then comfortable is what your bedroom floor tiles should be. It should be easy on the foot and something that comes with hassle-free maintenance.

2. Complement floor tiles and Ceilings: The tone of colours and brightness go hand in hand. The shade of your bedroom floor tiles has a dramatic effect on the overall ambience of your space. Light-coloured floor tiles complemented with striking walls, and a high ceiling is one way to go about the appropriate brightness in the area. Another combination can be of all light-shades - plain and muted flooring with subtle walls and furniture, the minimalist style. If you want to combine the essence of boldness with brightness, expressively pronounced shades such as dark brown coloured bedroom floor tiles can do the magic! 

3. The texture of both Carpet flooring and the Click-N-Lock tiles available at Welspun Flooring is the choice of homeowners these days. 

4. Go for that Perfect Shade: From A to Z, you can get every exquisite shade in the list of bedroom floor tiles at Welspun Flooring. We bet you will fall in love with these tiles in the first look itself. The Click-N-Lock tiles come in three admirable collections - the Eden collection, the Aristo collection, and the Bliss collection. 

These bedroom floor tiles are precisely fashioned with utmost attention to detail and come in varied, finely selected wooden and stone finishes. It’s rich in textures and shades. From Carolina Cherry, Coastal Sand Oak, Iced Oak, etc. every shade is truly a blend of modernity and royalty and can make your space stand out as impeccable and bright!

5. The Light in your Room: How can one forget the lighting in your room while talking about bedroom and brightness. If your house has naturally good lighting then great, but if that’s not the case then there are a variety of options available to accompany your bedroom floor tiles. For one who loves the retro and traditional style, there are those classic vintage lamps, and for those who desire everything modern and sleek, pendant lights are the way to go! Make sure the lightning compliments your flooring or else it would be a waste to have the best flooring and the best lightning if they don’t go hand in hand.

The befitting choice of other elements in your space would be the floor lamps, the cupboards, the comfy couch to name a few; so they can amp up the bedroom floor tiles in prominent ways. It’s time to make all the eyes drawn up to the sheer brightness in your room that everyone only dreams of! 

Well, top to bottom, the point is never ever to underestimate the potential of your bedroom floor tiles carry to transform the look and feel of your space in every minuscule way. Do your research well; bedroom floor tiles are mostly a long-run investment. So, remember to prioritise quality and appeal equally. Happy flooring! Welspun Flooring offers a huge variety of flooring options where you are sure to find the best flooring option suited for your needs. Head on to their website to know more.

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