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5 classy carpet tile designs that are sure to take your breath away

5 classy carpet tile designs that are sure to take your breath away

Published on 24 December 2021, 01:59:23 PM

The charm of every space is the people who fill the home with love and happiness. The interior is how people give love back to the space. A well-maintained, beautiful interior not only enhances the charm of the house but also makes the people there happy as well. The same goes for workspaces as well. It is important to have a vibrant and interesting workspace so that the employees do not feel dull or the monotony of everyday work.

Flooring is one aspect of it. Classy and elegant flooring designs enhance the ambiance of the whole space. The best one to go for here is Carpet Tiles, so why not compliment the space with them. 

Nature Carpet Tiles 

Liven up your space with the breezy look and feel of nature to your home. These Carpet Tiles not only make your interior decor game step up a notch, but also make a statement for your space.

The nature-inspired Carpet Tiles make commercial space seem more open and freshen up with the green patterns and designs. Welspun Flooring's Carpet Tiles reduce wastage during installation and offer multiple design possibilities. Bring the fresh breeze of nature to your space, and enhance experiences with Welspun Flooring.


Mainstreet Collection

Bring the vibe of trendy and patterned designs to your home with Welspun Flooring’s Mainstreet Collection. A myriad range of designs to explore, Mainstreet Collection brings beautiful modern contemporary patterns of Carpet Tiles to life. This Carpet Tiles makes the flooring complement the interior decor, and enhance the look of the space as a whole.

This Carpet tile design pattern gives a contemporary look and can undergo a heavy deal of traffic. Many commercial space owners prefer the Mainstreet Collection as their favourite choice which appeals to the audience as well. 


Wabi-Sabi Collection

As the name suggests, Wabisabi by Welspun Flooring is the subtle, and elegant Carpet Tile choice that works for every space. Soft, subtle patterned designs elevate the vibe of the whole space. Most of the time flooring doesn't garner much attention when people enter spaces but it does complement the all-together look of the room.

Often ignored, but flooring does hold power over the overall look of the room. Office and commercial spaces get highlighted best with Wabisabi Collection. The minimal subtlety and contemporary look come out with Welspun Flooring’s Wabisabi Collection. Explore different colours and patterns and what works best with your space. 


Relay 2.0 

The pattern of duo colours that can work great for any space is Welspun Flooring’s Relay 2.0. Available in a range of two colours, and plenty of patterns to choose from, Relay 2.0 is a winner.

From commercial spaces to residential homes a dual pattern design with two colours works best for interior decor which follows a colour theme. As commercial spaces endure heavy traffic, the way you choose your flooring can affect the space highly. Carpet Tiles can affect the look, feel, and sound of a space. The colours and patterns of your flooring can elevate the overall ambience. 



Welspun Flooring’s Urbane is the face of modernized decor. Urbane is the Carpet Tile design that appeals to anyone and everyone! Wooden tile designs and colour-themed patterns make the floor highlight of the room. Carpet Tiles bring a sense of elegance, and subtlety that flows well with every space. Who doesn’t need the modern urban look to their home or space?

Newly built office spaces make a statement with the modernized urban look they strive for. It is always best to know what works for you and your space.

Explore from a wide range of options and choose what your heart desires - every space has different needs, different specifications, and different interior decor. Keeping the practicality of the place in mind, such as the space in an office, commercial, or even residential, different traffic on the floor impacts the life and quality of the patterned designs as well.

When it comes to aesthetics, the floor is as important as the other aspects of the interior decor. Since Carpet Tiles have been rising as a favourite for many, we hope our list of five classy carpet tiles helped you make a choice depending on the aesthetic and functionality of the space you were looking out for. Explore more ideas, designs, or customize your own at Welspun Flooring. 

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