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5 decorating tips to welcome winter

5 decorating tips to welcome winter

Published on 15 November 2021, 07:08:55 AM

Nature works in perfect harmony. Seasons come and go. Every new season is a perfect opportunity to try something new and start anew! This change of seasons also brings a lively reason for decorating our lives as nature tucks us in with a new mood.

There's not much time left, when winter - one of the cosiest seasons of the year, would knock on your door! Perfect to snuggle in the warm bed and cherish the season in all its glory! And since one tends to prefer spending time at home than in the biting cold outdoors, decorating your home to make it look and feel more cosy, warm, and inviting is definitely the best thing to do! 

Decorating your home to welcome winters is not just about bringing in some vibrance, or lighting up candles, it’s also about adding warmth in a way that’s unique and comfortable to you. 

So, here are some fine decorating ideas to accompany you, to welcome the chilly vibe.

Unveil Rich Fabrics

Fabrics can change the mood of any space in a jiffy! The first step is to bid farewell to airy bed sheets and linen fabrics from the summers, and welcome winters with warmer fabrics. Decorating your bedroom or the living room with extra comfy cushions with your favourite intricate patterns would set the theme even better.

Additionally, your home would look sheltered and complete after decorating with dark coloured pillows and quilts, something like a velvet-textured violet works like instant magic to welcome the frosty times! You can also make a small cosy cabin sort of thing, make it look more intimate by decorating it with textured pillows and a room sofa draped with smooth fabrics.

Accent With Lights

Winters are about shimmery lights and bright nights. Welcome the vibe home by decorating with gorgeous and elegant lights that accentuate and transform your spaces. The pendant light above the dining table or wooden lamp in the bedroom can elevate the whole look. For more wintery feels, you can consider decorating the indoor plants to your room with fairy lights or small bulbs.

Another decorating idea to further intensify these lights is by placing mirrors around your home. Just imagine getting a beautiful reflection on the mirror while you crawl up in your bed with your favourite book? Surreal, right!  

Fancy Warmer Feet

Stepping on freezing-cold flooring in the winters is nothing less than a harsh dream that shivers up the whole body. Thus, setting your flooring right is an essential step to cheerfully welcome winters. This is especially more important when you have kids and the elderly at home.

But, while diving deep into getting the perfect flooring, we have something that will perfectly fit in terms of aesthetics and functionality - say hello to Carpet tiles from Welspun!

Carpet tiles are all things beautiful, cosy, and fancy! This flooring type is rather perfect for all seasons because of its excellent properties such as underfoot comfort, easy installation, stain resistance and a lot more. These carpet tiles are made from high-quality yarns that increase the product’s longevity and keep its appeal intact for years. Moreover, carpet tiles are available in a wide variety of shades and patterns, so you don’t have to worry about decorating your home. 

But, on another note, if you want something other than Carpet tiles, the second-best option to go with this winter is the Click-N- Lock tiles. There are no days when these tiles don’t accentuate the beauty of your adobe. Made using a thick SPC layer, CNL tiles are the most durable flooring tiles in the market right now. To add to it, CNL tiles are available in all shades from luxurious deep wood to natural stone, so there’s something for everyone here.

Pro tip: for Winters, decorating the floor with your favourite rug or a traditional carpet can add depth to your spaces and provide warmth to your feet!

Already excited about welcoming the cold season with these decorating ideas? So are we! Collect all the decorating essentials and make this season look beautiful and feel comfortable with the right accessories at your rescue! To know more about the floorings, you can check Welspun flooring

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