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5 Vintage Kitchen Tiles to Set the Right Mood for all the Cooking

5 Vintage Kitchen Tiles to Set the Right Mood for all the Cooking

Published on 15 November 2021, 07:47:34 AM

No one can deny the beckoning-from-another-era vibe that Vintage aesthetics offer. These retro-inspired home décor ideas have lured numerous art enthusiasts to subscribe to this particular aesthetic. It’s like everything resonates with the tale of the bygone era, be it through the designs of the tiles, the colour of the walls, or the artefacts you choose to keep. If you are an admirer of all things vintage, we are sure you would love to explore a wide range of kitchen tiles for your home décor. 

Kitchen tiles carry an age-old essence through their patterns, colours, and the use of natural materials. No wonder they bring back the memories of our grandparents and how they would curate things for their home decor. These antique looks are specially created after a long research of experimenting with natural materials. 

Let’s explore an eclectic category of vintage kitchen tiles, which will not only evoke awe of your visitors but will also inspire your ingenuity while you create magic in there. Read on: 

Encaustic Tiles 

These tiles are used in creating varied geometric patterns and shapes. If you recall any vintage museums, you might remember the use of these vintage tiles. Nowadays, they are brought into the mainstream by various interior designers for giving a contemporary look to the kitchen tiles. The touch of traditional homes is also kept alive through these types of encaustic tiles. 

Porcelain Tile 

 Porcelain Tiles are a kind of ceramic tile that has a lower water absorption rate than ceramic. The clay used in making this type of tile is denser thereby making it less porous. Porcelain tiles come in varied shades and designs that are used as kitchen tiles. You can find these glazed tiles at an affordable price that can give competition to the expensive ones. 

Marble Tile 

Marble kitchen tiles can be an excellent choice for your dream house project. It is the most expensive natural material reputed for exuding elegance to wherever it is placed. It also gives a sheeny look while retaining the vintage look. While choosing this type of tile, consider the one with denser designs. Some of the patterns for marble kitchen tiles are Arabesque, chequered, vintage stoned floor, flower motifs tiles. These beautiful kitchen tiles will also make a statement to your room décor due to their high fashion designs. 

Granite Tile 

One of the flag bearers of vintage kitchen tiles, Granite is another natural material that you can bring to your list to complete your kitchen décor. It is a resilient tile with a varied colour pattern that would serve your retro aesthetic. It can also be a game-changer in your cooking experience since you can wipe off almost any stains from the sheeny kitchen tiles. As it is less prone to cracks and fissures, you may choose this option for your pantry.

Ceramic Tile 

Since ancient times, ceramic tiles were made using baked clay just like pottery. However, nowadays, ceramic has found a lot of usage in various fields thanks to the technological innovations that made it “advanced ceramics”. The tiles made of this material have also found their usage in a variety of construction projects like floor bathroom and kitchen tiles. 

All these vintage-inspired kitchen tiles designs are experiencing a huge comeback these days, each for its own qualities. Restoring these is indeed an excellent tribute to the golden era. Opting for these tiles will surely boost your creative quotient to make wonders. The by-gone era will fill your imagination and steal your guests’ admiration too. But, the next big question is: what about the contemporary utility? 

The best way to mingle the best of both worlds is bringing in something that is not only charming but wins on all the modern-day utility as well. One can surely explore the range of kitchen tiles from Welspun. The Click-N-Lock Tiles. This is made using five layers and is extremely durable.

The Stone polymer composite layers make it apt to withstand everything. So, you can bring heavy antique showpieces and enhance the beauty of your kitchen tiles. Moreover, CNL tiles come in an exquisite range of elegant designs to choose from thereby satisfying your needs for a functional and aesthetic kitchen.
So, what are you waiting for? It’s your turn to use the kitchen tiles to your advantage and make the most gorgeous place ever! Check Welspun Click-N-Lock tiles and choose the best design for your kitchen. 

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