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7 Benefits of Using Kota Stone Flooring

7 Benefits of Using Kota Stone Flooring

Published on 08 November 2021, 02:08:13 PM

What is Kota Stone?

Kota stones are a type of fine-grained limestone mined in Rajasthan, India. It is available in a wide range of colours and finishes which can be used indoor and outdoor flooring depending on your preference. Due to their inertness, Kota stones also have some use in the chemical industry and they are renowned for their earthy colour, lustre, durability, cheapness, porosity, and homogeneity.

Kota stones resist the deleterious effects of time more ably than most other stones and age beautifully too. Different shapes and sizes of this stone are available to suit all needs and heavy use is made of it in the building/construction sector. Brown is the most popular Kota stone flooring colour, though pink, beige, black, and grey floorings are gaining ground.

Below are 7 benefits of using Kota stone flooring:

1. Durability: Non-porous and temperature resistance are two major features of Kota stone flooring, which make it the most durable flooring option. The temperature-resistant quality makes such types of floorings suitable for the outdoors, giving an irresistible touch to your home.

2. Wide Range of Shapes, colours, and Finishes: There are various types of Kota Stone Flooring available today in various combinations of shapes, finishes, and colours, making it suitable for everyone to opt for. Talking about the colour, the stones come in various natural shades of greenish-blue and brownish texture which are pleasant to see. However, the sizes of Kota stone range from the slabs/tiles of 30x30cm to 60/90 cm, thus making it easier for you to choose the slabs as per the designated area.

3. Cost-effective: Perhaps the best benefit of Kota stone flooring is that despite its wide range of features, they are more pocket-friendly than most other kinds of stone flooring. This cost-effectiveness is an additional reason for the popularity and widespread acceptance of Kota stone flooring and its worldwide usage.

4. Non-Slip: Kota stone flooring has lots of persuasive qualities. Two of these qualities are that they are non-slippery and non-porous. The latter quality means they do not absorb water or moisture and are thus perfect for humid areas inside and outside the home. As they are non-slip, they are perfect for bathrooms and kitchens, balconies and pathways, or anywhere else where lots of moisture might be present and a lot of foot traffic is expected. They enable a firm foothold at all times and are easy to clean too!

5. Luxurious: Kota stone flooring lends an air of luxury to any place they are put to use. The different colour variants of Kota stone flooring are often used to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the buildings giving them an eye-catching appearance.

6. Easy To Maintain: Kota stone flooring is extremely easy to maintain. No demanding maintenance is required because this stone flooring is too durable and you don’t have to exert yourself to ensure that it lasts for a long time.

7. Cool Underfoot: Being heat resistant, Kota stone flooring emerges as an ideal flooring option to be used in Pathways, Corridors, Driveways, Balconies and adequately answers any doubts about where can Kota stone be used.

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