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7 Cost-Effective Flooring Tiles That Are Trend-Proof in 2023

7 Cost-Effective Flooring Tiles That Are Trend-Proof in 2023

Published on 30 June 2021, 05:07:04 PM

Homeowners have accepted that deciding on the right flooring is one of the most arduous tasks they undergo. Be it starting a home from its foundation or renovating the same. Hence, nailing on the cost-effective flooring tiles is not child’s play.

This is primarily because of the gamut of types available in the market. Moreover, choosing the best brand without burning a hole in the pocket also becomes a concern. That being said, this blog will focus on the types of tiles you should know catering to both aesthetic reasons and functional needs in 2023 All keeping in mind the basic requirement i.e. cost-effective flooring tiles. So, here’s a list to give you complete clarity on what flooring is on trend for 2023?

1. Vinyl: Add a Touch of Versatility

Touted to be one of the most cost-effective flooring tiles, vinyl tiles are still topping the charts of homeowners' flooring choices. According to multiple surveys, luxurious and resilient vinyl tiles are absolute favourite options for kitchens and areas with high moisture at home. Additionally, floors that are well-installed with these tiles block water penetration well. Apart from its look, feel, and cost-effectiveness, flooring the entire installation process is hassle-free. 

2. SPC: Go Durable

SPC refers to Stone Polymer Composite. This type of flooring is highly durable which makes it tough enough to withstand heavy foot traffic in spaces.  Click N Lock tiles by Welspun is a classic example of SPC flooring. These tiles come with the unique Wel-Lock ™ technology which allows the tiles to fit into one another in a unique locking mechanism. Click N Lock tiles can be installed on existing floors in less than a day without any dust or noise. This makes the already cost-effective flooring a completely hassle-free installation.

3. Porcelain: Rethink Prettiness

One of the most premium tile types, these porcelain options are best for stunning outdoor entryways. Gone are the days when flooring with these tiles had monotonous patterns and colours. With the latest trends, many innovative designs are available for cost-effective flooring.

4. Ceramic: Experience Versatility

For a modern and minimalistic look, ceramic tiles are the go-to choice. From installation in the bedroom to outdoors, these tiles make space in every corner of the home owing to their versatile look and design. However, experts say people who reside in chilly areas should avoid this particular type, as the tiles get cold during winter.

5. Grass: Come Close to Nature

Made up of fibers that represent the natural texture of grasses, artificial grass is preferred by individuals who want to create an abode with a natural look. Apart from imparting a stunning look, these fibers are easy to maintain with no-colour fading features. Welspun offers the best-in-class artificial grass flooring known as Greens that comprises resilient fibers and promises a cushioned feeling for many years.

6. Pebble Stone: Level up for Classy Look

As the name suggests, these particular tiles are a type of natural stone mosaic. Also known as river-rock tiles, homeowners love this flooring due to its sturdiness and rustic visuals. It’s an affordable and smart choice for washrooms, driveways, poolside areas, indoor walkways, etc. Not to mention, it is the perfect flooring solution for both residential and commercial applications. It's wonderful how cost-effective flooring meets a classy look, it's like two birds with one pebble stone.

7. Carpet: Embrace Style

Nothing creates a cozy, welcoming atmosphere like a nice, plush carpet. The comfort under your feet, the warmth it adds to a space, and its ability to transform the look and feel of a room are second to none. Welspun’s carpet tiles come with a special ComfortileTM backing that makes walking really comfortable and smooth. Being designed with the highest quality yarn is what makes these carpet tiles highly durable.  With HealthyFloor™ technology, Welspun’s Carpet tiles are anti-viral and anti-microbial as they can trap dust particles and allergens, improving air quality significantly. You can get the best quality of tiles with the most cost-effective flooring.

8. Wall to Wall Carpets

Give your home a theatre-like makeover with Wall to Wall Carpets. These tiles are stain-resistant and come with excellent sound absorption technology that helps avoid reverberation all around the space. Moreover, you can now be wholly assured of safety because wall-to-wall carpets from Welspun are one of a kind to come with superior antiviral technology where you can enjoy the great ambience with utmost safety.

Building your functional space with a sense of aesthetics and calmness is perplexing. However, once you do your bit of research on what flooring is on trend for 2023? and find the perfect flooring company, then getting cost-effective flooring options are just a few squares away! So, consider the types mentioned above and get started in transforming your space. Moreover, since a home is where the heart is, remember to choose the right flooring with Welspun to bring in a flooring revolution.

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