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7 Things You Probably Didn't Know about Textured Carpet Tiles

7 Things You Probably Didn't Know about Textured Carpet Tiles

Published on 10 May 2021, 08:05:23 AM

7 Things You Probably Didn't Know about Textured Carpet Tiles

Planning to refloor your living space or setting up a new office? Textured carpet tiles are a reliable option. They are versatile, stylish, and unlike their traditional counterparts, the broadloom carpet, they can be installed in the place of your choice in any sequence or order you like. Their versatility, along with the variety of patterns available, makes them highly popular ever since their birth in the mid-twentieth century.

Textured carpet tiles are available in plenty of sizes. The most commonly available sizes are 18" X 18" and 24" X 24". Many other dimensions are also available, the larger ones being as big as 39" X 39". Most options are pretty simple to install, and you can transform your floor yourself. However, you will need the help of a professional installer when the flooring is too large, a lot of cutting is required, and the chosen pattern is a mix and match of a few shapes and colours.

Textured carpet tiles have many wonderful properties and benefits. Here are 7 things you probably didn't know about textured carpet tiles:


  1. Easy Transportation and Installation
    Unlike the traditional carpets, which come in huge, heavy rolls, textured carpet tiles are as convenient as they come. Firstly, they are easy to ship, carry and store. Secondly, their do-it-yourself installation process is extremely easy. Some textured carpet tiles come with pre-applied adhesive or can be installed with double-sided carpet tape/adhesive. This saves you money since it cuts the cost of hiring a professional.

  2. Eco Friendly
    Textured carpet tiles are made up of a range of materials, a lot of them recyclable, like nylon and polyester. Often this comes from plastic bottles and fishing nets. So, while you are re-doing your old bedroom or office reception, you are at the same time contributing to saving the planet.

  3. Low Maintenance
    Not just its transportation, even its maintenance does not require much effort. They are easy to clean and do not demand much attention. A regular vacuum cleaner would be enough, as textured carpet tiles don't accumulate a lot of dirt. Apart from this, one of its best features is that it is easily replaceable. If you accidentally spill something on a single tile, you just need to replace that particular section and not the whole flooring.

  1. Style and Creativity
    When it comes to choosing new flooring with textured carpet tiles, you can be as creative as you want, unlike using a single pattern throughout. You can add checkers or stripes of random colors, mix and match shapes and patterns, whatever suits your style. You can make up different mosaics by including a variety of colors and create a unique, original space for yourself. You can don the cap of an interior designer with minimal effort.
  2. Durability
    Originally textured carpet tiles were used in commercial spaces. They were created to withstand heavy traffic. They are low-pile and very tight, and that's why they don't crush easily. Textured carpet tiles sustain their look for longer periods of time, even if it's in an office where chairs are being rolled over it all the time.
  3. Versatility
    Be it the living room of your house or your office cafeteria, textured carpet tiles suit every space. If you have to create a theme, textured carpet tiles are an excellent choice since they are available in many shapes and colors. They even work well in outdoor spaces like a garage or patio as they can resist harsh conditions. And in case you need to conceal the wiring under your computer table, these tiles are ready to take on that challenge as well.
  4. Wellbeing and Other Advantages
    Compared to wall-to-wall carpets, textured carpet tiles absorb more sound. They are warmer and smoother in comparison to other flooring options. Although not waterproof, they can sustain minor exposure to moisture or a little spill. They are also considered to improve indoor air quality by trapping particles and allergens. Textured carpet tiles also protect the floor from minor damages.

Textured carpet tiles can be used almost anywhere, they don't restrict you to a particular space or style. They are not only sustainable, they also have acoustic benefits. These carpet tiles are easy to install, maintain and replace. Apart from that, their durable nature means you wouldn't have to spend on flooring for a long time to come. They don't just re-floor your space, rather they give it a personality.

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