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The Relay 2.0 Collection: A bold contemporary design for the new-age office space

The Relay 2.0 Collection: A bold contemporary design for the new-age office space

Published on 10 March 2021, 08:28:42 AM

There’s so much beauty when your eyes lay lost in all the city lights. Forever growing, evolving, and settling within themselves, cities are inspiring because they seem to be standing still and are yet always in motion. An urban landscape like this calls for urban sophistication, especially in workplaces.

The time of drab and dreary office flooring design that did nothing to stimulate the senses is long gone. As a hub of new ideas and definitive actions, new-age workspaces need to be both dynamic and aesthetic. They must cater to entrepreneurs and innovators who are rewriting the rules of business. As a driver of change, Welspun Flooring took on the mantle of reimagining office flooring design for new-age enterprises.


Flooring designs for new-age offices

Bold, full of life and energy, that was our intent when it came to designing this new office flooring design collection. And the result? The all-new Relay 2.0 Collection from the house of Welspun Flooring. As our Head of Design, Mr. Ritam Ray puts it, “Relay 2.0 is inspired by the vibrant urban landscape of a city always in motion. The linear patterns represent the speed lines made by objects that whizz by leaving behind a trail of light. Comprising bright colours and bold streaks, every aspect of the Relay 2.0 Carpet Tiles Collection positively bellows vitality and vigour.”

Flooring that inspires

Keeping one’s entrepreneurial spirit alive and fired up is at the core of developing a business, whereas developing minds to ideate and innovate is the goal of educational institutions. Relay 2.0 Carpet Tiles are ideal for all such spaces where time is of the essence, efficiency the king, and collaboration the key.

Start-ups and institutions reimagined with Relay 2.0 Carpet Tiles are bound to feel vibrant and energized and inspire their occupants to scale new heights. This collection is unique; it does not dictate how a workspace should be designed but allows for the vision of the owner to be realised.

Clients can alter the intensity of the design and pick colours of their choice. Depending on their requirements, facility managers and designers can mix and match the office flooring design patterns to dial up or dial down the intensity of a room.

Evolving workspaces with the certified Relay 2.0

With a GRS-certified Yarn division, Welspun Flooring has crafted a unique product while still adhering to the highest quality and sustainability standards. The carpet tiles are easy to install and maintain, ideal for heavy footfall areas, and also offer sound insulation.

Your workplace can now ‘Go Bold, Go Relay’ with Relay 2.0 Carpet Tiles and transform into a vibrant area that widens your perspective and unlocks your imagination with the help of Welspun's range of office flooring designs. Because just like our cities, our workspaces too need to be evolving constantly.

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