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All You Need To Know About Home Remodeling

All You Need To Know About Home Remodeling

Published on 27 August 2021, 07:46:06 AM

Home remodeling is an exciting task, and yes, sometimes daunting too! But majorly it’s a lively process that puts your creative mind to come up with some interesting ideas. It involves a lot of googling skills too. You surf the internet and visit as many websites to get the best inspirations for your home remodeling, that fits both your style and budget. And, guess what, this time, you have landed in the right place!

One of the predominant elements that set the tone of your home is the flooring. Other elements like walls can be painted, adorned with decorative pieces or mirrors, but you cannot do much with your floors other than putting a rug or something similar. So, if you look clearly, the floor remains the rawest and the most exhibited part of your home and thus affects the home remodeling significantly. 

Therefore, if you have made up your mind about home remodeling, the flooring could be the first thing you can decide. Usually, industry experts also recommend the same. It’s always a safe idea to start with the base and then move further.

The process is an intriguing one, so read on to know some of the exquisite and trendy flooring types, among many, for your home remodeling: 

Click N Lock Tiles

If you are looking for sturdy, durable, and aesthetic flooring options, then Click N Lock tiles from Welspun are just the perfect one for you! These tiles are made of five layers, one of which is a stone polymer composite layer that is proven to impart longevity to the product like nothing else.

Remodeling tip: Click N Lock tiles are available in a wide variety of exquisite designs from solid brown to teak color. Once you make up your mind about the other elements in the home remodeling process such as wall color, furniture, etc., you can match the decor scheme and flooring design conveniently. Another bonus point is that CNL tiles can be installed on existing spaces, too, in a span of less than a day.

Carpet Tiles

Mark our words - sophistication comes at its best with Carpet tiles. These exquisite tiles are made using the finest quality yarn that makes your flooring highly resilient to staining and fading. These virtues plus their unique looks set carpet tiles a class apart for home remodeling. 

Remodeling tip: Carpet tiles can be your fancied choice for creating a separate workstation. The cozy feel and unique elegance are sure to give you a beautiful office feel. Also, a wide range of beautiful carpet tile designs is a perfect balance between impactful and beautiful. 

Additionally, Carpet tiles are extremely durable and can be effortlessly taken care of by following simple steps such as vacuuming, spill and spot cleaning, etc, and thus are apt for your home remodeling keeping the future in mind.

Artificial Grass

Want to have something that looks more beautiful and green as the days pass with an easy home remodeling tip? Then artificial grass from Welspun, also called Greens is the answer here. Greens are made from fibers that are highly resilient and maintain the same look and feel for years without fading and losing their cushiony feeling.  

Remodeling tip: Greens blend with your home so impeccably that things feel incomplete without it after a while. Give your balcony, your reading nook, or your porch a gorgeous look that’s easy on the eyes with artificial grass, and make it your place to be. 

The fact that you finally get to bid goodbye to your messy lawn problems such as mowing, watering, etc makes artificial grass even more interesting for home remodeling.

Wall to Wall Carpets

One thing you cannot go wrong with during home remodeling is wall-to-wall carpets. Synonymous with elegance and luxury, this flooring type has many practical advantages too. Superior comfort, thermal benefits, acoustic qualities, and whatnot. 

Remodeling Tip: Wall-to-wall carpets set the mood of the space. The luxurious finish reflects an aura that would surely make your abode timeless and graceful. Place wall-to-wall carpets in your living room, or the room that is dedicated to guests, and makes a statement that stays for years to come.

Wall-to-wall carpets from Welspun are made from high-quality fabric and work best for projects with large floor areas and lavish interior elements and would work a charm for your home remodeling. 

Adorn your home with stellar flooring from Welspun and make your dream home come alive!

Happy home remodeling!

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