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All You Need To Know About Vitrified Tiles & SPC Floorings

All You Need To Know About Vitrified Tiles & SPC Floorings

Published on 30 June 2021, 02:03:57 PM

It’s said that simply tidying up your space can lift your spirits by making you feel sorted. Now imagine if you can have your entire home designed to perfection that reflects your ideals and interests. Well, that will surely be an experience to cherish. And getting us close to experiencing that joy is the simple art of tiling. It is practically unthinkable these days to have a home without tiles of some kind to pretty up the floors and lend a measure of awesomeness to just about everything within view!

Floor tiles have grown to be enormously popular and from being previously restricted to bathrooms and kitchens, they can now be found in practically every space in the house. Tiles are affordable, waterproof, and customizable to user needs, apart from being easy to clean, install and maintain.

The current widespread popularity of floor tiles in construction and building industries looks set to boom. This is partly due to new technology enabling the creation and usage of new brands of tiles that are better in comparison to previous traditional options. We at Welspun Flooring are committed to delivering the finest flooring solutions like vitrified tiles design and SPC flooring tiles that are a breakthrough in aesthetics and technology. Our tiles are consciously crafted following sustainable industry practices in one of the world’s largest manufacturing facilities.

Vitrified Tiles VS SPC Flooring:

And then we come to the duo of vitrified tiles design and SPC flooring tiles. Each has attributes that recommend it and both will be discussed and analyzed in this blog.

To vitrify something means to make it glass-like. Therefore, vitrified tiles come by their name from the fact that their production process involves varied ingredients being heated and made as glass-like as possible. The result of vitrified tiles design is thick, tough, highly resistant to the elements, and endowed with very low porosity.


Advantages of vitrified tiles:

  • Vitrified tiles designs are quite tough and yet easy to clean and maintain.

  • The water-absorbing properties of these tiles are uncommonly low. As a result, they are perfect for outdoor use and are additionally resistant to frost.

  • Vitrified tiles design can be 3D printed and thus made in a nearly endless array of shapes, finishes, sizes, and colors.

  • They are extremely useful within and outside the home as wall tiles, floor tiles, paving, and cladding.

  • The cost-effectiveness of vitrified tiles design is unbeatable.

  • They have a great heat-conducting property which makes it possible for the installation of under-floor heating beneath these tiles.

  • Vitrified tiles designs can be made from recycled materials which makes it an environment-friendly proposition.

What is SPC Flooring?

SPC on the other hand means Stone Polymer Composite. Unlike vitrified tiles design, they have a strong core of multiple layers including a backing layer, SPC core, printed vinyl layer, and wear layer. The thin wear layer at the top provides resistance to scratches and stains. This is followed by the vinyl layer printed with the design and color. The core layer is known to provide resistance to water and moisture and is built with a stone polymer composite. And the layer holding it all at the bottom is the base layer the tile is made upon.


Advantages of SPC Flooring include:

  • Waterproof and non-slip when wet. This makes it an excellent choice in areas of the house that are prone to getting wet, like laundry rooms. It is also a good choice for kitchens.

  • It is comfortable on the feet, sound and thermal insulated, and resistant to staining and fading.

  • It comes in a wide array of styles and patterns.

  • It is cost-efficient when compared to various other kinds of luxury flooring like stone or hardwood. This is because of the ease of installation of this flooring. Our SPC tiles come with a unique Wel-lock technology that enables the tiles to be directly laid on the floor without dismantling existing flooring. This helps save time and makes the installation completely hassle-free.

  • It can be made to realistically mimic the look and feel of wooden floors. They can also be designed to pass for stone floors.

  • They are highly durable and usable even with uneven subfloors.

  • Low maintenance requirements, with only occasional mopping and cleaning being necessary.

The Two Tiles Directly Compared

While both vitrified tiles design and SPC flooring tiles are dominating the flooring industry, the latter has an upper hand largely in terms of product weight and durability. And keeping home flooring requirements in mind, durability does tilt the needle of consumer preference in favour of SPC tiles. Welspun’s SPC tiles are engineered to withstand varying degrees of stress and strain over the years. While it derives sturdiness from its unique build (combination of polymer and stone), its tough 5-layer core further adds to its endurance. And to top it all, our unique Wel-lock technology that enables easy installation makes SPC tiles a frontrunner in home flooring solutions. So if you’ve been considering a flooring change for your home, you may want to look at our collection here before making up your mind.

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