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Are carpet tiles good for home use?

Are carpet tiles good for home use?

Published on 26 July 2021, 07:26:03 PM

Your floor is the largest canvas in your house, so undoubtedly it has a huge impact on the entire interior decor. It forms a very vital base. You can spend as much money as you want on your interiors, but it all comes to nothing if you have an uninteresting floor. The floor is the beginning of the process. Everything you decide to include in your room like curtains, furniture or showpieces needs to compliment the flooring and vice versa.  It all has to be in a proper alignment. If your existing floor is becoming a sore sight for your eyes, you can easily choose carpet tiles for a home befitting your home decor. 

A burst of bright colours for your Living Room 

The living room is arguably the most important spot in the house. It is where we entertain guests when we throw a party or when we host occasional tea get-togethers with our neighbours. It is a space that holds everyone together and while decorating the area it should reflect the cheerfulness and warmth of bonding. You can go for bright colour carpet tiles for home-like sunny yellow or orange, or something vibrant and pair it with a darker shade tile next to it. It will add a dull sphere which will break the monotony of the bright colours. This jump of the colour of the carpet tiles for a home will immediately elevate the aura of your living room. Now you can add up the sofa and other complementary accessories accordingly.

A tinge of soft hues for your bedroom 

The bedroom is where you get to laze and relax to your heart’s content. You can choose light-coloured carpet tiles like lighter shades of brown or white with intricate patterns to beautify your bedroom floor. It will also soothe your nerves and enhance the sophistication of your personal space.   

A park of cheerful colours for the playroom 

Often parents get confused about what should be the best flooring cover for children’s playroom. It’s easy. Go for cheerful patterns and vibrant textures to keep the little ones joyful. Kids love to play on floors and also they are prone to falling and getting hurt. So the major concern while buying flooring for a kid's room is safety. It should be soft, durable,stain-resistant and hygienic. As the pandemic continues health has been a major topic of discussion. Healthy floors for our children are our major concern. Keeping this in mind Welspun Flooring has come up with antiviral soft flooring to safeguard your kid’s health in this age of new normal. It includes carpet tiles for the home and wall-to-wall carpet that fights viruses. These carpet tiles for home are made of special fibres that are engineered to prevent any stain or liquid droppings from chemically bonding with the carpet. With such carpet tiles for home, your little artists can explore themselves with all their hearts. 

Is it safe to use carpet tiles in your kitchen? 

Once again the major concern of using carpet tiles for home in the kitchen is all about dropping gravy and other solutions on the floor. To your relief, Welspun manufactures stain-resistant carpets for homes. Even if you find this not safe enough, you can go for a few area rugs. Area rugs are smaller and are used to cover certain places of the carpet to prevent any mishaps like splattered juice or gravy spills.


Advantages of Carpet Tiles for Home 

  1. Easy maintenance and easy to replace - If you have any stain in a particular area you can pop out one or two carpet tiles and replace them instead of replacing the whole carpet. 

  2. Easy to clean - Carpet tiles for home generally have a smaller pile height hence they don't capture a lot of dirt which is why people with allergies prefer carpet tiles for home.

  3. It’s long-lasting - Most of the carpet tiles for homes are very tight and lopped. They are manufactured in a way to withstand heavy foot traffic which includes the restless footsteps of your kids and pets all day. 

  4. Customizability - Customizability is what makes Carpet Tiles for homes so unique apart from all the other features. It's available in a wide range of colours so you can choose the one that complements the decor to make your interiors come alive

We always want the best for our homes. Whatever accessories we buy for interior decoration we should consider our kids and pets. Anything we buy should not restrict their exploration and adventures in the house. Welspun flooring’s carpet tiles for homes are soft and durable and will offer you the experience that you never had. Carpet tiles are interesting, versatile and durable. When it comes to your home it is not only about aesthetics but also about quality and longevity. 

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