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Are carpet tiles good for home use?

Are carpet tiles good for home use?

Published on 27 December 2021, 08:06:41 AM

Installing the traditional carpet rolls in your home is a tedious task. Carpet tiles for home are the best alternative for carpet rolls. These tiles usually come in squares of around 1 square meter and this makes them easy to fit in your home. There are a lot of ways that carpet tiles can be installed to enhance the look of your entire space. Although these tiles are an extremely popular choice for many people, the application of these tiles in commercial spaces is also a great option. Carpet tiles for home can be installed in children’s rooms to add colors as well as make the room safe for them to play in. Carpet tiles are not only convenient but also a cheaper option available for your flooring choices. If you are wondering if it is a good choice or not, here is a list of the advantages and disadvantages that come with them.

Advantages of installing carpet tiles for home

·         Easy to install- Not everyone is a professional and the installation of carpet rolls requires the assistance of professionals. There is no requirement of any special tool or equipment for installing the carpet tiles for home.

·         Versatile- If you wish to redo the flooring of your home, carpet tiles for home are the most suitable option as they provide a soft, comfortable, earthy, and homely feel to your space.

·         Cost-Effective- Cost is a major determinant for purchasing carpet tiles for home. These are pocket-friendly tiles that are easily available.

·         Flexible Designs- These carpet tiles for home come in blocks so they can be installed in patterns that you prefer. They can be uniquely installed to create a look that fits your requirements.

·         Easy to Maintain- The carpet tiles for home require minimal maintenance and this is one of the big reasons that these are installed in homes. It requires vacuuming once or maybe twice a week. Moreover, even if one or two tiles are stained or damaged due to any reason, they can be easily removed for cleaning or replacing. This is why it is smart to keep one or two extra pieces of the flooring with you for future use.

Disadvantages of installing carpet tiles for home

The possible disadvantages that can be experienced with these carpet tiles are-

·         Unwanted visible seams

·         Irregular wear

·         Glue or tape holding the carpet down can lead to losing edges

·         Tiles can become disfigured

Flooring plays an essential role in determining the décor of your home. Select the right type of flooring that is not only durable but attractive and low maintenance. Our experts at Welspun Flooring can guide you through the important changes that you might have to face during the entire flooring process. If you are still confused about which carpet tile is best for your home, you can scroll through our collection of affordable, versatile, and convenient carpet tiles and a lot more flooring options for enhancing the entire look of your space.

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