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Balcony Wall Decor Ideas Nobody Told You About

Balcony Wall Decor Ideas Nobody Told You About

Published on 28 July 2022, 10:07:58 AM

For most of us living in cities, apartment living doesn’t come with spacious outdoor spaces. But if your apartment has a balcony, rejoice! You have your own patch of paradise to unwind after a long day at work or when you wish for some solitude away from the chaos of the bustling city life. Regardless of the size of your balcony, there are creative ways in which you can make it shine. 

From wall hangings to using faux grass, let’s look at the best balcony wall décor ideas to accentuate your private outdoor space and make it more enjoyable.

Bring It to Life

Nature offers the best company. Hanging some potted plants from your wall or mounting them on shelves can have a soothing effect on your space. The color green of leafy plants adds a positive and calming vibe to any space. Mix and match pretty and vibrant colored flowers to decorate your balcony. You may be surprised how the vertical perspective looks even better than the ground-level alternative. 

Design It for “Me Time”

When the weather is pleasant, you would want to set up a cozy spot on your balcony and settle with a good book along with a steaming cup of coffee. Right? So, make sure you decorate the space in a way that you actually want to spend time there. Paint the walls a bright and happy color to spruce up your indoor space. Make sure the paint is water-resistant especially when you plan to have plants around.

Hang Wall Art

Wall art is the ideal balcony wall décor idea that’s the most popular among homeowners. It introduces an air of class and sophistication to your space while elevating the aesthetic appeal to the next level. You don’t have to spend too much on wall art either. You can find many worthy wall art designs at flea markets and thrift shops to adorn your balcony walls without pinching your pockets. 

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

This is a classic balcony wall décor idea when you don’t want to invest in wall art. Mirrors can trick your eyes into making the balcony space appear larger. A mosaic of mirrors on the back wall can help create a different dimension and add depth to your space. Plus, you will be able to enjoy the view from all directions. So, that’s a win-win too!

Wall of Greens

You don't have a garden for yourself. But why not bring the beauty of lush green grass to your balcony? With the advancement in flooring technology, you can have faux grass that feels like real grass, not just on your floors, but on your walls too. It has the same texture as real grass, involves no water wastage and requires no maintenance. Check out our Greens section to know more. 

Install A Swing or Hammock

This is an excellent balcony décor idea if you are blessed with a gorgeous view. Make things better by installing a swing or hanging a hammock for relaxing and enjoying the sunsets and sunrises. Make sure to add lots of throw pillows to make it more comfortable and Insta-worthy. 

Light It Up

Remember all the twinkling lights from posh wedding venues that make you wide-eyed with awe? That’s a superb balcony décor idea to accentuate apartment balconies and make them shine any time of the day. Not to forget, fairy lights adorning your walls give you the best glow-up pictures for your social media. 

Inspired To Try Something New?

By now, you must have drawn inspiration from the above balcony wall décor ideas and roaring to incorporate them to elevate your balcony’s appeal. If you are ready to get started, so are we.

Welspun Flooring offers a wide range of flooring options to add visual interest to your home and make it stand above the rest. Since you are looking to give your balcony a facelift, check out our Greens tile range. Manufactured using highly resilient fibers, Greens closely represent the natural texture of grass. They bring the positive feeling of nature inside your homes without the maintenance that comes with real grass. 

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