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Benefits of Synthetic Grass

Benefits of Synthetic Grass

Published on 19 March 2021, 03:20:29 AM

Confused About Styling Your Terrace? Here's Why Synthetic Grass Is The Way Forward. There's nothing more soothing than evenly grown lush green grass in your garden. But what if you get the benefits of a lawn without all the maintenance hassles? Here are some incredible benefits of artificial grass for terraces and lawns that will make them go green all around the year.

Low Maintenance 

Throw away that old garden hose, and enjoy the long vacations without having to ask neighbors or friends to come over and water your lawn. This artificial grass for terraces and lawns will eliminate the extra house chore of watering the lawn. This is one of the best benefits of artificial grass.

Welspun’s Greens or artificial grass is the best alternative to real grass as it comes with zero maintenance so you can enjoy all-season greenery throughout the year.

Low Diseases 

Using this artificial grass for terraces can free you from the problem of allergies. Mowing natural grass is known to release allergens. With synthetic grass, you can stop worrying about any allergies in kids or elders.

Child and Pet Friendly

In a natural lawn, mud patches in winters and muddy footprints of kids and pets can be a nightmare to deal with. By installing this artificial grass for the terrace or lawn, you can forget about the mud, forever as it has an in-built drainage system that prevents waterlogging.

Durable and Economical

Another benefit of artificial grass is if you invest in good quality grass for terraces or lawns like Welspun's Greens artificial grass, it can last for years for it comes with hassle-free maintenance and can last longer for years.

Using this artificial grass for the terrace does not require much attention and care. This artificial grass for terraces and lawns is a perfect money-saving solution for long-term usage. What can be a better benefit of artificial grass if not saving money?

Easy to Install

Welspun's Greens artificial grass is easy to install and can be simply laid down on the desired area. The installation of Greens is done by the Company installers only under proper supervision. Hence, there is no complicated installation involved and the installation can be done within minutes, saving your precious time. 

Built for Heavy Foot Traffic

Natural grass has the drawback of dying out on a heavy foot traffic area, but with Greens or artificial glass, you get high resilient fibres that do not flatten out with heavy foot traffic. Thus, the grass retains its structure making it fuss-free and perfect for gardens and pathways.

Suitable for Vertical Gardens Too

The artificial grass is suitable not just for a horizontal garden space, but for tackling the undulated slopes and vertical walls too. Forget about watering and mowing the impossible vertical gardens and use Welspun's Greens for providing an empty balcony or driveway with the greenery it requires.

Saves Water

Another added advantage is the reduced water bills and no hassle of watering your lawn every day. Welspun Greens can save up to 73000 liters of water annually and considerably reduce your water bill.

No More Lawn Mowing

The biggest benefit of artificial grass for terraces or lawns is that you don’t have to mow it ever! Spend your time sipping tea on the grass instead. And the sprinklers and mowers can run out in the next garage sale.


After reading all the benefits artificial grass has to offer, Make the wise decision of installing artificial grass for terraces, lawns, or gardens and spend your free time basking in the sun, with stellar views. For the best and proper installation of synthetic grass, make sure to do proper research and go for a company that is reliable like Welspun.

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