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Benefits of Synthetic Grass

Benefits of Synthetic Grass

Published on 19 March 2021, 03:20:29 AM

Over the last few years, synthetic grass has emerged as the go-to option for those looking to style their homes and offices with natural elements. While there is no substitute for natural grass, its maintenance can be quite a task. This is where synthetic grass scores big and beats several other options in flooring. Let's look into some of the key advantages of going for artificial grass for terraces and lawns.


What Are the Advantages of Artificial Grass?


Safe Option

Artificial grass provides a bacteria-free solution for your flooring. In addition to this, synthetic grass doesn’t attract mud and other microorganisms. With synthetic grass, you can stop worrying about any allergies in kids or elders and be assured of a safe and hygienic environment.

Child and Pet Friendly

By installing this artificial grass for the terrace or lawn, you can forget about the mud and the stains that it attracts. Artificial grass has an in-built drainage system that prevents waterlogging and you can be assured about your children's and pets’ safety.

Easy Installation

Welspun's Greens artificial grass is easy to install and can be simply laid down in the desired area. There is no complicated installation process involved and the entire process saves a lot of your precious time. 

Built for Heavy Traffic

Natural grass has the drawback of dying out in a heavy foot traffic area, but with Greens or artificial glass, you get strong resilient fibres that do not flatten out with heavy foot traffic. 

Saves Water

Reduced water bills and hassle-free maintenance is another main advantage of artificial grass. Welspun Greens can save up to 73000 liters of water annually reducing your water bill considerably.


It’s no wonder that artificial grass has emerged as one of the most popular solutions for flooring considering the wide array of benefits they offer. Welspun India offers are range of artificial grass solutions to suit each of your needs. Check out some of these options and get started with giving your house a natural touch. 

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