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Best quality wooden floor tiles: where do they come from?

Best quality wooden floor tiles: where do they come from?

Published on 15 November 2021, 09:54:50 AM

While constructing modern houses, one can find a galaxy of flooring options to choose from. Amongst them, wooden flooring can steal the limelight for your room décor due to their elegant finishing and a host of advantages that comes with them. These multifaceted tiles not only make a statement appeal for your room décor but will also cater to your utility. Now, let’s navigate through the world of wooden floor tiles and check where they actually come from! 

Are Wooden floor tiles Made Up of Wood? 

The most frequently asked question we get is whether wooden floor tiles are really made up of wood or not. The answer is no. Wooden floor tiles are not made from natural wood. These tiles have a wooden finishing and score over natural wood in many aspects.

What Exactly are Wooden floor tiles?

Wooden floor tiles have a wooden finish and are made up of materials like stone polymer composite, ceramic, or even porcelain to exude the same elegance as that of natural wood. 

If you are an admirer of forest aesthetics and everything natural, you may opt for these gorgeous tiles, which are impossible to distinguish from a hand-scraped wooden tile just by looking. Innovative technology makes it possible for one to get the age-old aesthetic combined with technology-infused modernity. Let’s find some more features of technologically advanced wooden floor tiles:

Quite Easy to Maintain

As you might assume, natural wood does require a lot of maintenance and treatment. Natural wood gets easily spoiled with water. The dampening part is something that one can’t avoid with the natural wood. Another added responsibility is the regular waxing and sanding.

On the contrary, the advanced wooden floor tiles made with stone polymer composite have all the qualities of a perfect modern-age tile! With these tiles, you can just forget about the maintenance and use them as you want, because these durable tiles can resist it all. 

Magical Aesthetics

The wooden floor tiles that you find at Welspun are, in a word, just charming. The patterns of exquisite natural species such as Java Wood, Golden Oak, Whisker Oak, Iced Oak, Shaker Oak, Coastal Sand Oak, Copper Oak, are taken carefully and then imprinted on the technologically advanced wooden floor tiles to give them a similar beautiful natural finish. Each wooden finish tiles at Welspun tell a story of its own. Stories interesting enough to captivate you for a lifetime!

10 Times Durable

No matter how beautiful and expensive natural wood is, it can get stretched easily. But this is not at all the case with wooden floor tiles. These Welspun wooden floor tiles are extremely durable. These tiles have a five-layered core that includes Antifade UV finishing, wear layer, décor film, rigid SPC core, and cushion backing for providing comprehensive protection. 

Its cushion backing feature also absorbs any kind of heavy performance thereby allowing maximum safe activities, and are the safest option for your kids when they run errands without fearing about their “had a great fall” moment. Also, These wooden floor tiles are even pet-friendly due to their scratch resistance feature. 

Goodbye Stains

Unlike natural wood, wooden floor tiles can handle as many spills and stains as you can think of. The wear layer on each tile protects it from accumulating any accidental spills that may come on the surface at a party or regular living! This is how these wooden floor tiles exude grace and glamour while staying technologically ahead. 

Another unique feature of wooden finish tiles from Welspun is that you can install them on the pre-existing floor without much hassle, thanks to their interlocking features that too within a day. So, whether you are chilling at your home alone or spending your time with your loved ones, these wooden floor tiles would make your home a wonderful and easy experience.

Hence, we would suggest you not throw around your precious time looking for further alternatives, when Welspun provides you with a wide range of striking options for tiles with ultimate strength and wooden finishing, Head on to and explore more!

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