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Best Ways to Upgrade Your Flooring Without Removing Tiles

Best Ways to Upgrade Your Flooring Without Removing Tiles

Published on 01 September 2023, 07:40:43 AM

The flooring has a significant impact on the way a home looks and feels altogether. For several homeowners, renovating the whole flooring can be an easy option if they're looking to upgrade. But, for those living in rented accommodations, things might not be so simple. Luckily, the pre-existing flooring of a rented flat can be simply updated with a range of materials available. One can choose materials that don't require removing the current floor tiles. This is quite helpful especially if the homeowners are still residing in the same house.


Here are some ideas for giving your home's flooring a facelift and more individuality.

Click-N-Lock® tiles

The Click-N-Lock® tiles from Welspun Flooring are made for hassle-free installation. These tiles can be installed without adhesives, just as their name implies. These floor tiles include a 5-layer strong SPC core, which guarantees excellent load-bearing capacity and durability. There are three enticing finishes available for these Click-N-Lock® tiles - Moroccan, Stone, and Stone. As a result, you will have plenty of options to decide how your flooring should look like. The best thing about these tiles is that they can be installed without making any noise or dust in just one day. It never seemed so simple to achieve your ideal aesthetic, did it? 

Vinyl flooring

There are two types of vinyl flooring: regular vinyl flooring and premium vinyl flooring. This flooring option may be laid down over the existing floor tiles and is also waterproof. It also has a soft underfoot and gives an extremely comfortable experience when walked upon. Vinyl options can also be found in a variety of hues, prints, and patterns that mimic actual stone or wood. Simple peel-and-stick vinyl tile stickers are another option for updating the flooring's appearance. On the other hand, vinyl flooring also comes with its own limitations. Because vinyl has a propensity to fade in the presence of UV radiation, it is not advised to use this flooring in outdoor or indoor spaces that are exposed to a lot of sunshine.

Rugs and Carpets

One of the finest solutions for a rental flat is to strategically put furniture, rugs and carpets to instantly improve the appearance of the flooring. For the kids' bedroom, think about carpet tiles where you can mix and match various colours and patterns to create intriguing patterns. It should be noted that a wide range of antimicrobial carpets are currently offered in the market; these carpets prevent the growth of bacteria, and dust mites in the carpet's fibres.

Artificial Grass

Every homeowner desires a lush green landscape on their home's exterior. Many are highly interested in their lawns, and they will spend any amount of time or energy necessary to make it ideal. However, not everyone has the ideal surroundings for developing and caring for a flawless lawn.

Artificial grass has emerged as a solid option for those seeking a "close to nature" feel in the comfort of their homes. It closely resembles natural grass by blending various fibre thicknesses and colours thanks to advancements in production technology and materials. A garden, patio or balcony might be a perfect place for artificial grass. You can also use artificial grass in your living spaces and enhance the natural look of your home.​​

Laminated wood 

The laminated wood floor design replicates the appearance of wood beneath your feet and is made of engineered wood with a layer of laminate on top. It offers a diverse range of colour and texture options. These hypoallergenic floors are very simple to maintain and add great style to your home. Laminate is a blessing for pet owners because of its airtight locking system, which makes it easy to wipe up and clean the surface from any spills. 

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