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Black marble tiles that never go out of style

Black marble tiles that never go out of style

Published on 27 December 2021, 02:22:31 PM

Marble tiles have always been known for their beauty and timeless look. One of the most elegant and beautiful marble tiles that have always been at the top of trends is black marble tile. With the quality of blending in with every style, flooring, and wall of your house, these tiles are considered to be the safest choice for long-lasting flooring. With its blending attribute, you can go with these tiles for any of your rooms and even for your outdoors.

Black marble tile is the safest option for you to choose for your home as it perfectly complements any light furniture or background of your house. It gives a cool, rich, modern, sleek, and timeless look to every room of your house. If you are wondering how to elevate the beauty of your house, there are many designs available that are fantastic choices for all purposes. Marbles are generally differentiated based on their origin and their appearance. The case with black marble tile is the difference in intensities of colour veins in the tile. 

Black Marquina, Spain- A globally recognized variety this black marble tile is easily available and has an intense black background. This feature makes the overall look mesmerizing and makes this tile the first choice for interior decoration.

Noir Saint Laurent Marble, France- This is a famous type of black marble tile that is available majorly in France and has a dark crystalline background with fossils. The irregular golden, white, and brown hues give this tile a delicate appearance and hence provide an astounding look.

Nero Portoro, Italy- This type of black marble tile is considered to be the most expensive black marble. A high-end crystalline black marble, this marble has a jet black appearance with golden and white veins. This effervescence gives it a motion effect and makes it an expensive type. 

Fossil Black, Morocco- Available in the Erfoud area of Morocco, this black marble tile contains an abundant amount of fossils and ranges from intense grey to black hues. The medium to thick grains makes this marble look highly engaging and attractive.

The elegance that a black marble tile look can create in your space is incomparable. When combined with the variety of trending styles, the installation of this flooring in your home cannot be surpassed. 

If you are worried about the cost associated with marble, there are many material alternatives available for you in the market. With cheaper costs and higher durability along with stain-resistant and anti-scratch features, we at Welspun Flooring offer you a range of black marble tile alternatives. Welspun Flooring offers stunning variety in flooring that is suitable for any and every space. From the interlocking tiles Click-N-Lock Tiles to the super creative Carpet Tiles, there is something for everyone. Check out our website for more!

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