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Budget-friendly interior design ideas for your home

Budget-friendly interior design ideas for your home

Published on 22 July 2021, 03:31:37 PM

Everybody loves a beautiful home. But sadly money is a limited resource. From choosing the right curtain colour that matches the wall to the right kind of flooring, the going gets tough. 

After feeding on home decor trends from the bookmarked magazine pages and celebrity-inspired homes, it gets difficult for you to believe that it is possible to get a stunning home interior within your budget. There are various ways to stay on budget and still make your neighbours’ and guests’ jaws drop at the sight of your home interior. Here’s to achieving an impressive style without breaking the bank. 


Be clever with your colour

Colour plays a convincing role in every space. It changes the visual language of a room. It commands drama and certain emotions and energies that range from comfortable to relaxed to stimulating environment. Cool and soft hues offer a calm and serene atmosphere while warm and bold tones boost up the adrenaline. While choosing your wall colour or flooring carpets, keep these colour ideas in mind. 

On the other hand, you can have vibrant colour tones for your kid’s playroom to inspire activity. If you want to go for a smooth and modern look, muted tones will work wonders like beige and white. These colours will compliment a vast array of tones and textures which will give you enough space to go creative. You can choose any colour for your flooring which makes it easier for you to select furniture.

Fun with flooring 

Flooring is the first thing that you come in contact with as soon as you step into the room. It is a very vital part of the decor as it is the most used surface and holds the room’s aesthetics together. If you want to go for basic contemporary flooring, limestone marble or granite will create an aura that is natural and soothing. For bathrooms and kitchens, you need something hard and durable. You can either stick to marble flooring or you can opt for mosaic tiles. A simple soap or detergent once in a while is good enough to keep its shine. For your balcony, you can always go for the incredibly lush green faux grass flooring. It will create an outdoor environment within your home and will also make the space look more warm and welcoming. These artificial grass floorings are the next best thing to real grass. It saves you the pain of watering and fertilizing and also it is easy to maintain. If you want a rustic and yet natural appeal to your living room, you can go for wood-look carpet tiles. Also, you can mix and match hard and soft flooring tiles for versatility. It will set a rich and soothing mood for your entire space. 

Don't take your lights lightly 

Choosing a simple lamp to light up the desired space can illuminate the whole ambiance. After you are done designing the whole room, decide on areas where you want to place the lights. If you can create a combination of both natural and ambiance lights, they will set the perfect mood. Even with minimal decoration and accessories in the room, the right kind of lighting can change the whole perspective. For big spaces, use quirky floor lamps and for small spaces, use hanging lamps. 


Home interior design has always been more about creative intelligence rather than budget. You can buy all the expensive accessories for your room. But if you don't know how to create a composition to balance the whole decoration it will just be a mess. Welspun brings you a series of budget-friendly and elegant flooring products that can change the way the interior of your house looks. 

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