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Can you lay artificial grass on an existing lawn?

Can you lay artificial grass on an existing lawn?

Published on 27 July 2021, 09:02:50 AM

Have an existing lawn? Worried about its upkeep? Lawns and their maintenance can be quite time-consuming. It involves weeding, mowing, rolling, sweeping, watering, and scraping the lawn. Sounds tedious already, isn’t it?

Well, it’s quite obvious that keeping a lawn in good shape can prove to be difficult along with it being a constraint on the environment with all the water the lawn takes to keep it all green and luxuriant. A sustainable choice is to lay down artificial grass for lawn. It saves water and thus adds to the well-being of the planet. Let’s discuss how to make your lawn a hassle-free space? 


  • Is it real grass or is it not?

Greens by Welspun Flooring or artificial grass for lawn, in general, are made with fibers that feel and look like the natural texture of grass. It’s not a drill – Greens can be mistaken as real grass. The natural tinged hues with a wide variety of shades from green to golden enable it to look like the real deal. 


  • Super low maintenance: 

Once installed in your lawn, it needs no weeding, mowing, cropping, or watering. It stays shiny and lush all through the year. All you’ve got to do is – install artificial grass for lawn, sit back and relax in your garden. It is great for both indoors and outdoors as well. 


  • Resilient: 

Our artificial grass for lawns is built out of highly durable fibers. No matter if you walk, jump or run on them they do not flatten. The fibers retain their soft cushiony texture and provide utmost comfort with every step taken on the grass.

  • Sturdy installation perks: 

We take installation seriously! Considering the base clean-up is done meticulously to pave way for the artificial grass for lawn, it is impossible for loose soil to be compressed or topsoil to not be dug up for an even space. We at Welspun ensure to carry out installation of artificial grass for lawns for all our customers with trained installers who make it a point to adhere to standard protocols and use authentic accessories only for the best possible finish. You can check out our detailed installation process here. 


  • In-built drainage: 

In case you are wondering if installing Greens in your lawn will lead to waterlogging due to rains, we have good news. Greens have an in-built drainage system that allows it to self-clean by draining out the water and staying clean all through. Our company installers take due care in maintaining the right slope while laying Greens to rule out all possible drainage issues. 

Other than these benefits, artificial grass for lawns is a good choice as they are easy to install, conserves water, and fits both horizontal and vertical landscaping. 

Is it something that you would want to install on your lawn or terrace garden? Go ahead and explore our collection here to revamp your garden with a verdant new touch.

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