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Check Out These Unique Floor Carpet Tiles Designs

Check Out These Unique Floor Carpet Tiles Designs

Published on 28 July 2022, 09:46:04 AM

The floor you step onto when you enter a space plays a major role in setting the first impression of it. Needless to say, selecting the right flooring isn’t something you should take lightly. Fortunately for us, floor carpet tiles make our lives easier. From their superior comfort and plush underfoot feeling to their wide array of design options, they are ideal for creating luxurious feel-good spaces.

We bring to you our best floor carpet tile designs that can add more visual appeal to your floors and take the style quotient up a notch.

Neutral Floor Carpet Tiles

If you are a fan of minimalism, decorating your floors with neutral carpet tiles can do the trick to achieving the look you want. A classic base note in your living room can set a comfortable tone while giving the room a calm vibe. Plus, since the floors have a neutral palette, it makes the job of finding matching furniture items easier as everything goes with neutral shades. Win-win! 

Patterned Floor Carpet Tiles

Patterned carpets are climbing the charts of popularity as an increasing number of homeowners are daring to go bold with their flooring choices. New dye technologies have made it possible to achieve any look you wish to create using colors and textures of your choice. For those with a no-holds-barred approach, patterned carpet tiles are a blessing with their vivid designs and classical artworks. From a checkered pattern to custom designs, the room is your canvas to introduce your work of art. 

Dark Ambient Floor Carpet Tiles

If you are looking to create a dark and sophisticated space that exudes grandeur, dark tones ranging from purple, green and blue can work wonders. These dark tones are also used in office spaces to create a luxurious vibe. Mix and match patterns on it and you could use these carpet tiles in your entryway or hallway to set a good impression. Moreover, these dark-toned carpet tiles don’t show dirt and are easy to maintain too.

Biophilic Floor Carpet Tiles

Since we spend a considerable amount of time within the four walls of our homes, wouldn’t it be great to bring real nature indoors? There is a growing trend of biophilic floor carpet tiles that mimic natural patterns such as cloudy skies or forest floors to bring the organic into the urban. These carpet designs are known to increase productivity and reduce your stress levels as it incorporates designs inspired by nature for creating a healthy environment. 

Geometrical Floor Carpet Tiles

Geometrical carpet tile designs give you the liberty to redesign your floors with creativity and innovation at their forefront. From cubes, cylinders and circles to triangles and rectangles, this is a super trend that is going nowhere. This is the reason geometrical patterns can be found on all surfaces today from metal and fabrics to laminates and woods. You can think out-of-the-box and create a fresh dimension with the shape, color, and material in your hands for bespoke designs. 

Optical Illusion Floor Carpet Tiles

This trend of creating perspective and depth in 2D surfaces through carpet tiles is gaining a lot of traction recently. It started as a sub-trend of geometrical designs to add depth and character to a space, especially an office and commercial space. Carpet tiles laid in different directions can also create an optical and textural effect that makes for a head-turning event. You can even use it to delineate different zones for different uses and tie them harmoniously for a cohesive space. 

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