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Colours that go well with Green Floor Tiles to enhance the overall interior of the space

Colours that go well with Green Floor Tiles to enhance the overall interior of the space

Published on 31 July 2021, 03:28:01 PM

It can sometimes be difficult to decide what tiles to opt for when choosing the flooring option for the interiors of your house. Before making your choice, always examine the existing style of your home and the style that you desire to achieve. There are various types of tiles available in the market that come in different colours and sizes to suit your interiors. However, before you select an option, it is wise to collect all the information about the availability of sizes, patterns, and colours of the tiles from various sources.  

So, if you are looking forward to adding earthy tones to the house, then green floor tiles can be a great option. Once your earthy artificial grass flooring is installed, chances are you would find it hard to bring together the rest of the décor to make the whole look and ambiance click and work together. Here are some shades of colours that can be used to bring all the elements of the space to come together and create magic. 

What colours go with green floor tiles?

Green is a calming colour that can soothe your senses when added to the home décor. It adds freshness to the aura of the room and brings everything into balance. So, here’s a list of some elegant colours that would match the section of your space that has green tiles.


  • Analogous Colours: 

Colour shades in close proximity to one another always serve well for the home décor. These types of colours, particularly vibe well with orange and yellow tones and give an ultra-modern look to the room.


  • Earthy Tones: 

Green is an earthy tone and combining it with other colours such as mustard, maroon and terracotta shades can give a versatile appearance to the room. They also do well with deeper green shades and impart a natural and warm feel to the abode.


  • Purple:

Colours like lavender, grape, orchid, violet, and fuchsia get along nicely with green floor tiles. It presents an energetic and creative vibe to attract onlookers. Bright colours add liveliness while the softer shades are more soothing to the senses.


  • White: 

White goes well with all colours and so it does great when coupled with green too. It brings a refreshing feel to space and enhances brightness. Add green to the mix and you can utilize this winning combination in spaces like your bathroom or kitchen as white makes space look bigger too.


  • Pastel and Pale Colours: 

Blue and yellow colour palettes always do well with green floor tiles. Pastel yellow adds a sunshine glow and pastel blue or pale shades of blue along with green floor tiles instil a natural aura in the house.

Now that we have discussed the colours of different elements of décor (cushions, vases, furniture, upholstery, etc.) that work together with green tiles, let’s discuss the outdoor spaces like the balcony and terrace. 

If you are looking for flooring options for your balcony to make it look a lot more interesting, then you can opt for Welspun’s Greens option. These are artificial grass flooring products that look and feel like real grass. However, it doesn’t need mowing or maintenance. They are easy to install & maintain and are built to withstand heavy foot traffic. 

So, what are you waiting for? Wait no more and uplift the look and feel of your home. Get going with the colour pairings and decorate your home to give it an all-new look that is trendy! 

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