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Commercial Carpet vs ESD Carpet Tiles: Which is better?

Commercial Carpet vs ESD Carpet Tiles: Which is better?

Published on 31 July 2021, 04:48:29 PM

A quality carpet can last up to a decade. Quality becomes the most important factor that decides how long it will last. Commercial carpet and ESD carpet tile, have emerged as lucrative flooring options recently. Let’s decode the key differences between them.

Commercial Carpet

Commercial carpets are used in office spaces, shops, educational institutes, medical facilities, etc. These carpets are designed with a tighter looping style and a shorter pile with long-lasting qualities and durability.

ESD Carpet Tile

Reckoned as the anti-static carpet tiles, ESD carpet tile is created from a blend of materials comprising carbon fibers known to transfer the electrostatic charge emitted from a human body to the flooring. Generally, most people mistake ESD carpet tiles for anti-static carpet tiles, but the latter does not offer permanent static protection. 

In simple words, ESD flooring is a much more advanced solution than anti-static carpet tile floors as the former delivers a superior result in the long term due to being earthed.

Commercial Carpet vs ESD Carpet Tiles

Commercial Carpet Tiles

  • Commercial carpet is cost-effective per square foot in comparison to the ESD carpet. However, that does not mean it lacks durability. It is simply the fact that it makes use of affordable fibres.

  • Commercial carpet is believed to outlast any other form of household carpet as it is designed to withstand extremely heavy foot traffic.

  • Commercial carpet demands low maintenance in comparison to residential carpets. Durable materials and tight loops discourage debris, thereby making the entire process of vacuuming much more manageable.

  • When it comes to variety and style, commercial carpet has so much to offer- Right from solid tone to neutral tones, you are indeed spoilt for choices in the context of the various design elements.

ESD Carpet Tiles

  • ESD carpet tile is designed to pass the charge emitted from the surface through either the adhesive or the conductive backing to the sub-system ground of flooring. 

  • Easy to install, ESD carpet tile is emerging as a preferred option for critical areas, including flight towers and server rooms, owing to their anti-static carpet tiles properties. 

  • ESD carpet tile indeed emerges as the best choice for permanent static protection meant to offer performance, outstanding value and durability. Empowered with its high denier and tightly woven construction, it can withstand extremely heavy foot traffic and outperforms the commercial carpet in the context of resilience and performance.

  • The resilience of ESD carpet tile is at par with low maintenance and minimum wear and tear. When it comes to their installation, the conductive releasable adhesive is not required at all. These ESD carpet tiles come in various styles, including static dissipative carpet tile; there lies a variation in each version. Available in numerous variations and styles encompassing rubber, carpet, static conductive vinyl, and anti-static carpet tiles. ESD carpet tiles are witnessing an upward swing in popularity due to generating less static electricity than anti-static carpet tiles.

Bottom Line

Choosing from a wide variety of flooring can surely feel like an intimidating task. However, powered with controlled dissipation, the ESD carpet tile option is indeed one product competent enough to meet all the grounding standards. Moreover, its faster installation combined with occupancy and non-directional patterns makes it an appealing flooring option.

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