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Difference Between Vinyl Tile and Vinyl Plank

Difference Between Vinyl Tile and Vinyl Plank

Published on 31 August 2021, 03:39:16 PM

You will find many people who love luxury vinyl tile flooring. There are many reasons to love luxury vinyl tile flooring like the availability of a wide variety of designs, affordability, maintenance, among others. Let us first learn what exactly is vinyl flooring.

What are Vinyl Floors?

Vinyl floors are composed of several layers of PVC that are sandwiched together to form a highly durable and practical floor covering. The major types of luxury vinyl floors solutions are vinyl sheets, luxury vinyl tiles, and vinyl planks. 

Luxury Vinyl tiles and vinyl planks are both excellent options for home remodeling or new construction. They are generally used interchangeably within the flooring industry but they do carry some differences that you must consider before installing them. One thing you must know is that luxury vinyl tiles and vinyl planks are not the same as vinyl sheets.

Following are some of the differences that you must know before you make a decision:

Construction of Tiles & Planks

They are both constructed of various layers. They have a durable wear layer, a PVC core, a designed print film, and an added backing for comfort and quietness. However, you will find them to be available in the different overall thicknesses and different wear layers for extra protection.


Ease of installation

Vinyl planks need to be installed by professionals whereas if you are someone who has some experience of installing tiles yourself, you can consider installing luxury vinyl tiles as a DIY project.  

Installation Methods

Both come in either the floating-click vinyl technology where the planks or the tiles click together and float on the sub-floor. Another available option is that they can be glued down directly on the sub-floor. The glued down option is not as waterproof as the click technology however is more suitable for areas with higher foot traffic and large installations as they are more durable. 


Cost Efficiency

On a per square feet basis, glued-down vinyl floors are more economical when compared to the floating-click vinyl options. You must account for extra labour costs depending on the type of installation you decide to go with.

We Have Something Better Than Vinyl

Luxury vinyl tiles and planks have a vibe and beauty that can hardly be matched by any other flooring solutions. However, we at Welspun have crafted something better than vinyl solutions. Our stone polymer composite flooring solutions with the Wel-Lock technology are strong, lightweight, and can be installed in less than a day without any dust or noise. Another added advantage is that our Click N Lock tiles can be installed on existing floors. Check out our range here


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