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Different types of interior designs that inspire

Different types of interior designs that inspire

Published on 28 July 2022, 09:32:35 AM

You may be looking to set up a whole new home or planning to renovate the current one and wondering what kind of interior designs are classic and inspiring. With so many styles and design ideas out there, it may be confusing for you. There are styles for every preference and we want to make the choice simpler for you. Whatever type of interior design you select, always make sure that the colours and theme of the entire house blends with each other. Here is a list of different types of interior designs that will leave you inspired -

Contemporary Designs

Modern types of interior designs are not the same as contemporary designs. Do not get confused between the two. While contemporary means designs of today, modern could mean anything of the future. It is a great idea if you are minimalist as it will steer clear of fussy prints. It is a light headed take on decoration to ensure that you always feel welcome. 

Traditional Interior Design

It is one of the most popular and classic interior design styles. It celebrates designs of the past while giving your home the evergreen look it wants. These designs portray the history of the past. You can even add modern elements to it to make it more classy. You can consider the vast history of India and then narrow down your design preferences. 

Rustic Interior Design

Practical, comforting and designs are free of any fuss. A warm rustic interior with natural materials as the foundation is a great idea to create a different type of interior design. You could think of adding an open fire area, beams of oak and some comfortable seating made of real wood. It is all about creating an environment in which you can relax and feel comfortable. Keep in mind that you are revealing the original beauty of your home when you are considering rustic interior design.

Urban Modern Interior Designs

Like we said above, modern interior designs are the designs of the future. You need to be extremely creative and make sure that you create interior designs unseen in the past. It is perfect for you if you are a sophisticated city dweller. Look at furnishings with lots of design and decor that has a soft side to it. Create minimal features with plush fabrics and rugs. Always remember, when you want to create a different type of interior design, it is all about creating a gorgeous house with a soothing environment.

Bohemian Interior Designs

A melange of multiple cultures, Bohemian interior designs are bright and patterned creating a memorable and unique design that you will never forget. You may be wondering what Bohemian means? It essentially refers to someone who unconventional socially and is often interested in arts. You must have a simple base colour for every bohemian style room. Consider adding plants as they perfectly complement with bohemian style decor.

Do Not Forget The Floors

All different types of interior designs need a great floor. Welspun Flooring is one of the pioneers in interior flooring for all types of homes. Click-N-Lock tiles are the smartest flooring solution from Welspun Flooring. These come with lots of features, designs, and colours that complement well with all different types of interior designs. These tiles are easy to install and can be installed in less than a day on existing floors. These are highly durable and can be installed without any noise and dust. These are made with special care considering convenience and elegance in mind. These tiles have lots more features as follows - 


  • They are anti-microbial 

  • These are grout free.

  • They have an anti-slip technology which is safer for children and old people.

  • These tiles have a special wear layer that protects it from scratch, stain and damage in the long term.

After you have made the decision about the type of interior design you want for your space, start exploring flooring solutions at Welspun Flooring. 

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