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Easy Home Renovation Ideas India To Consider For Your Home

Easy Home Renovation Ideas India To Consider For Your Home

Published on 28 June 2022, 07:58:54 AM

In India, redecorating or renovating your home around festivals is like a tradition to many people. There are times when people would want to welcome their guests to an entirely revamped and fully renovated house. Getting a home renovated and redecorated in an entirely new manner is a huge task and can sound expensive too. But, there is nothing to worry about, for you by bringing to you some of the best home renovation ideas in India.

In this blog, we have tried to cover most of the simple as well as modular home renovation options one could opt for while renovating a house in India. Check out a few of these available options right below:


  1. Use New Colours: One of the easiest and most inexpensive home renovation ideas in India is to repaint the house with new and bright colours which give a fresh look to the entire house. There are ample colour options available out in the market, you could choose from pastel shades to bright colours as per your style and preferences. 
  2. Use More Lights: Adding more lights gives an aesthetic look to the space making it look more appealing to the eyes. From different sizes to different shapes and styles, the market is full of a variety of modern and designer lighting options which can add up to the modular home renovation.
  3. Add Statement Wooden Panel: Create an attractive point in your space by adding alluring wooden TV panels, storage wardrobes or simple wooden shelves in any of your rooms, be it a bedroom or a living room. This is one of the low-budget yet simple home renovation ideas to go for. 
  4. Change Carpets And Curtains: Along with changing the colour and wall paint of your house while getting home renovation ideas in India, one could also get some new and fresh carpets and curtains that will complement the wall colour thus enhancing the overall look of the house making it look new and impeccable. 
  5. Get New Flooring: Renovation is not only limited to the interiors, one should also take care of the outdoors while getting an entire home renovated. Go for some good and modern flooring options for both indoors and outdoors, to add a complete look to the house. There are multiple flooring options in the market varying from room to room. 

Still, if you aren’t that sure about what flooring option to go with, you can undoubtedly choose Welspun Flooring to perform the job with all the expertise and knowledge. From the kitchen to the Living room, we have different flooring options like Click-N-Lock Tiles, Carpet Tiles, and Greens for every space of the house. Ranging from traditional to modern varieties we have it all ready and stocked up for you to have a hassle-free flooring experience. Our experts will guide the best-suited option for you depending on your style, preferences, and budget. We also deal in providing customized solutions for every client keeping their needs in mind.

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