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Elevate your bedroom interior with our pleasing carpet tile designs

Elevate your bedroom interior with our pleasing carpet tile designs

Published on 25 December 2021, 05:50:11 AM

A major decision in the design and renovation of a home is the type of flooring you select. The surface of the floor, whether one thinks about it or not, is the first thing anyone notices. Additionally, flooring takes up a major portion of the project funds; it's a choice that shouldn't be taken lightly. Whether it's your bedroom or any other space, the flooring should be pleasing enough for your bedroom interior designs. 

Carpet Tiles are newly-launched innovative tiles, with a wide range of exquisite designs and advantages. And the best is that - you really can't go wrong with your flooring decisions with Carpet Tiles! Let us explore some bedroom interior designs and the perfect tiles for them in detail.

What are Carpet Tiles?

Carpet Tiles are a durable flooring solution made from high-quality yarns with acoustic properties. These tiles can be installed and combined in several creative ways. Many Carpet Tiles are shaped in rectangular, square designs for many bedroom interior designs. Welspun flooring has Carpet Tiles that not only come in a myriad range of designs but colors as well.

For a majority of bedroom interior design projects, Carpet Tiles are a superior choice both practically and in terms of design. Welspun Flooring’s Carpet Tiles come with impressive designs and fine finishing making it a very smart choice for your bedroom interiors. Carpet Tiles are often usually equipped with a carpet backing and thus can easily be installed without much hassle.  

What are the advantages of Carpet Tiles?

Carpet Tiles come with myriad advantages and practical benefits for a bedroom interior design. Superior comfort, attractive acoustic and thermal qualities, as well as safety, assured as compared to hard surface alternatives. 

Good quality Carpet Tiles offer much more than practical advantages, as the tiles are aesthetically pleasing with many beautiful patterns that will elevate any bedroom interior design. Concerning practicality, the aesthetics of Carpet Tiles match well with decoration choices for their interior decor ideas, and for this, Welspun Flooring's decorative Carpet Tiles such as Wabi Sabi, Origami 2.0, and more fit beautifully.


New work-at-home flooring solution

Carpet Tiles changed the game for interior designs, with its sound absorption technology that helps in keeping productivity intact at workplaces and anywhere. Additionally, as the world is adapting to a new normal, millions of people have moved from offices and co-working spaces to work from their homes. The bedroom is your haven, and therefore, your bedroom interior design should be a calm and peaceful space. With Welspun Flooring’s Carpet Tiles, bring professional workspaces to the comfort of your homes.


Healthy floor for a healthy living

Welspun Flooring’s Carpet Tiles are anti-microbial in nature while being aesthetically pleasing and durable. 


What are the advantages of Carpet Tiles?

There is a very important benefit of Carpet Tiles which is the ease of maintenance and installation. Just a quick regular sweep does the job and for deep cleaning, you might consider using a vacuum cleaner every six months, depending on the foot traffic.

Whatever the case be, these tiles are so gorgeous that the whole ambience of the bedroom interior design gets elevated with the exquisite designs available at Welspun Flooring. Relay 2.0 is often the go-to option for Carpet Tiles. 

How are Carpet Tiles cost-effective?

Carpet tiles are also a cost-effective and suitable choice for most projects. Technological advancements have made it possible to achieve a great deal of design freedom with a long-range of different types of Carpet Tiles. Choose and explore various carpet tiles for bedroom interior designs, and find what fits your needs best. 

When it comes to flooring designs, thorough research and inspection often help. Welspun Flooring's Carpet Tiles are rising as the new favourite for many homeowners, architects, and interior designers.

If you are searching for suitable carpet flooring options, wall-to-wall carpets are a good choice too. Welspun flooring offers some of the finest wall-to-wall carpet options in the market. Their wall-to-wall carpet collection is suitable for all interiors of the house. Explore options for living rooms, bedrooms, kids bedrooms and other spaces. Opting for Welspun Flooring’s wall-to-wall carpets will guarantee to make your house stand out of the ordinary. 

Carpet Tiles are the bedroom interior design go-to choice, with designs, patterns, and more which elevate the ambience, vibe and raise your interior decor game a notch. Enhance your experiences, and revamp your flooring with Carpet Tiles. 

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