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Everything you need to know about carpet floor tiles sizes

Everything you need to know about carpet floor tiles sizes

Published on 31 August 2021, 09:05:18 AM

Carpet tiles are also known as modular carpets or square-cut carpets. They are designed in such a way that they can fit together easily and quickly. Even though they are usually found in square patterns, you will also find carpet tiles in hexagon and triangular shapes. 


Advantages Of Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are a great flooring solution as they are highly customizable and easy to maintain. Given their diverse design possibilities, one can even combine multiple designs to create a flooring that’s attractive, vibrant and helps elevate the overall interior.

Carpet Floor Tiles Sizes

Carpet floor tiles sizes vary with the requirement. The standard sizes in which the tiles are typically available as follows:

  • 18″ x 18″ (Most common)
  • 24″ x 24″ (Most common)
  • 12″ x 12″
  • 39″ x 39″
  • 18″ x 36″ 

While the carpet floor tiles sizes are different as mentioned above, there are various factors that you must consider before picking the right size. 

Some of the factors that you must consider before selecting the carpet floor tiles sizes, they are:

Patterns On Your Carpet Floor Tiles

If you are someone who likes to play with patterns, go for smaller carpet floor tiles sizes. Smaller tiles are easier to work to complete the pattern you plan to create.

Pile Height Of The Carpet Floor Tiles

Pile height plays an important role in the durability of carpet floor tiles. Variants with a 2.12 mm pile height can stand great amounts of wear and tear. They provide sound insulation and are comfortable for walking. The pile height, therefore, should be one of the important things to consider when selecting carpet floor tiles sizes.

Smaller Carpet Floor Tiles Are Better

A great benefit of having smaller carpet floor tiles sizes is that they can be replaced easily in case of damage to the existing tiles. Any section that is significantly worn out or damaged can be easily replaced without investing in the complete floor. Replacing one or two smaller tiles does not take much of your time either. Another added advantage of smaller tiles is that they can be stocked up easily. 

Checkout Our Wide Range Of Carpet Floor Tiles

Carpet tiles have become a solid choice for most commercial flooring. Welspun carpet floor tiles are one of the best options out there as our carpet tiles have great acoustic qualities and are made of very high-quality yarn. This makes the tiles highly durable and resistant to stains. 

Welspun carpet tiles are made using the HealthyFloorTM technology that kills up to 99.68% of viruses. Our carpet tiles are available in various sizes to meet your requirements. Check out our range of carpet floor tiles

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