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Feel Closer to Nature with These Bedroom Wooden Flooring Design Ideas

Feel Closer to Nature with These Bedroom Wooden Flooring Design Ideas

Published on 28 July 2022, 09:51:02 AM

Stepping out of your bed onto the flooring you've chosen for your bedroom ought to fill you with utmost joy. If you too wish for the same, bedroom wooden flooring might just be the answer. There is a certain old-world charm and elegance that makes wooden flooring an appealing option for many homeowners. Whether it’s laminate or hardwood, this versatile flooring option introduces a rich texture and a sense of warmth to your rooms. Not just bedrooms, this natural material can make a statement in nearly any space to achieve a warm and positive vibe. 

If you are looking to add long-lasting and eco-friendly flooring underfoot, these bedroom wooden flooring ideas are just for you.

Engineered Hardwood Bedroom Flooring

Engineered hardwood is a popular bedroom wooden flooring design idea that serves as a brilliant alternative to solid hardwood flooring. Topped with a real wood veneer, this type of flooring can be installed in spaces where traditional hardwood can’t. Its classic style, wide planks, and natural shades can elevate your bedroom's interior style to the next level. Plus, it lends an air of luxury and sophistication with its high-quality looks and finishes.

Bedroom Laminate Flooring

If you want the look of wood without the high price tag, laminate flooring is a smart option that can fit easily into your budget. It appears as authentic as real wood. If you are worried about your feet hitting the cold floor in the colder months, you can always get underfloor heating installed. This bedroom wooden flooring option is easy to maintain with a fair bit of cleaning. Available in different plank sizes, it combines the classic looks of real wood with a modern twist.

Easy-care Vinyl Flooring

Luxury vinyl flooring comes in a tile format and gives your floor a wood-like feel. It comes with a layered construction for durability. So, you don't have to worry about rethinking your floors for a long time. High-quality vinyl flooring can make your floors every bit more appealing and become the point of envy in your neighborhood. Just ensure you plan the look of your bedroom in such a way that the furniture and accessories complement the flooring for a more comfortable space. 

Dark Wood Flooring

This is a well-sought-after bedroom wooden flooring design that can create a calming and luxurious space without too much effort. Dark wood floors have an appeal of their own and gel harmoniously with soft and muted color palettes if you are looking for a contrast. This type of flooring doesn't show dirt and is better for larger rooms or open room plans. From mahogany and cherry to European walnut, this bedroom wooden flooring style can make your room feel more intimate and cozier.

Parquet Flooring

When it comes to bedroom wooden flooring designs, parquet flooring emerges a winner every time. From brick and herringbone to squares, triangles, and double basket weave, the pattern choices for parquet flooring are endless. This flooring design can be made from both engineered and solid wood and includes small strips of a variety of decorative mosaics. For lovers of geometric designs, you can use dark and light-stained pieces to create the illusion of 3D designs. 

Pro tip: The geometric mosaics of parquet flooring can be too striking and eye-grabbing. It's best to keep the interior décor of your bedroom to a minimum so the entire look does not seem too overwhelming. 

Looking to Revamp Your Flooring?

Welspun Flooring offers a wide variety of flooring options with wood finishes to accentuate your spaces and add visual interest to your floors. We believe an ideal bedroom floor can help set a restful, comfortable, and tranquil tone for the entire room. It can help you escape the stresses of the day. Check out our Click-N-Lock tiles range that can transform your bedroom floors for the ultimate new look. With countless options in colors, shades, texture, patterns, and designs, you are truly spoilt for choice. 

You can have a look at our product catalog here. Or give us a call if you need help deciding the best bedroom wooden flooring design to take the aesthetics of your home to the next level.

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