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Foolproof and Easy Ways to Increase Your Modular Carpet Tiles' Longevity

Foolproof and Easy Ways to Increase Your Modular Carpet Tiles' Longevity

Published on 18 June 2021, 10:31:12 AM

The look of modular carpet tiles is just as nice as it sounds. Beautiful, luxurious, cushiony, and warm. Carpet tiles work well with every space - residential and commercial. It is widely used to add a professional vibe to office spaces. Modular carpet tiles are made from high-quality yarn and can thus effectively sustain high foot traffic too. This exquisite flooring type not only adds an aesthetic appeal to your office spaces but also increases productivity.

Most modular carpet tiles options not only offer great underfoot comfort but also absorb sound as one walks on the floor. These unique features help in reducing any unwanted disturbance, like the tik-tok of the heels while working. Moreover, it provides an extra level of protection and high levels of ergonomic support, thus creating a comfortable ambience. 

Modular carpet tiles have gained much-deserved popularity in recent years. They are cost-effective and are available in a multitude of unique and stunning design options. For commercial areas, you can choose the one that amplifies the personality of your brands. These modular carpet tiles are highly durable and can be used for quite a long time if maintained with due diligence. 

Maintaining your beautiful modular carpet tiles effectively consists of five key elements. Not all of them have to be performed regularly or together. Every element has a different schedule that you must follow to keep your tiles as good as new for the longest time.


  • Preventive Maintenance - The easiest way to prevent your modular carpet tiles from getting ruined is to keep walk-off mats at entrances. This is a preventive measure and is sure to ward off any soil entering the space. To contain dirt and absorb moisture, you must place mats at certain high-traffic areas such as water coolers, canteens, and elevators. Choosing the right mats can increase the overall performance of your flooring tremendously. 


  • Vacuuming - Vacuuming is an essential part of maintaining your modular carpet tiles. The frequency of vacuuming would depend on how heavy the traffic is in a particular space. You need not follow a regular vacuum routine in low traffic areas. High usage areas such as the lobby, entrance, and canteens must be cleaned daily using a vacuum cleaner to avoid dust, dirt, and soil building up in that area. For light traffic areas, you can choose a one-day-per-week vacuuming routine.


  • Spot and Spill Removal – Daily removal of spots and spills between the scheduled weekly/monthly cleanings help maintain the carpet's look and feel for years. As soon as you see a spill on the carpet, don't wait for action. Clean the surface with a damp cloth, but if the stain still remains, make sure to clean your modular carpet tiles with an all-purpose spot cleaner.
    Different kinds of stains would require additional mechanisms for cleaning. Oil-based spots might need a specific cleansing agent, whereas liquid spills can mainly be dealt with damp sponges. Be gentle with cleaning the tiles in all cases and treat spots from outside to the center. Don't brush aggressively on the spot to avoid color transfer and damaging the carpet fibre. Immediate removal of stains is a must to increase the longevity of your modular carpet tiles. 


  • Interim Cleaning: Several methods can be used for interim cleaning - each equally effective and carried out by professionals. In light traffic areas, interim cleaning is carried out one to three times annually. Whereas in very heavy traffic areas (more than 2500 foot traffic per day), interim cleaning is recommended twelve to fifty-two times annually. It is a great and tested way to maintain your carpet tiles.


  • Restorative Cleaning: Deep cleaning of modular carpet tiles is the most effective way to get rid of trapped dirt and debris. The best method for restorative cleaning is hot water extraction. Welspun counts on this technique to effectively clean modular carpet tiles. Similar to all other maintenance techniques, prepare the carpet by vacuuming in and out.

These are some foolproof ways of maintaining your modular carpet tiles that can help increase longevity. Modular carpet tiles from Welspun flooring are made from the highest quality yarn, which is highly resilient, stain-proof, fade-resistant in nature. The above qualities plus the easy maintenance sets them a class apart from other choices.

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