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Guide to select the right flooring to go with your living room wall decor

Guide to select the right flooring to go with your living room wall decor

Published on 08 November 2021, 10:56:45 AM

Selecting the flooring that goes perfectly with your living room wall decore is considered to be a key factor for enhancing the overall look of your home. From hardwood floors to tiles, there is a huge palette of options and varieties available in the market. 

Surprisingly enough, a smart selection of floor and wall complement each other greatly. With the completion of living room flooring, you get a better idea as to what will be the right choice of living room wall decore that can complement the flooring. Here is a complete guide for you to coordinate and match your flooring selection with the living room wall decore already installed in your home.

         1. Selecting a theme according to your taste

When it comes to interior design, every person has their taste. With the varying tastes, not every living room wall decore needs to be the same. You always have the option to give it a personal touch as this room will reflect your personality to people visiting your place. 

         2.  Exploring the options of floorings available

Anyone visiting your place comes straight to the living room. Thus, it is important to ensure that the flooring is comfortable for them. It should be eye-pleasing and at the same time, it should be easy for you to clean. Being the busiest part of your home, maintenance will always be a concern. So, select appropriate flooring which is appealing as well as easy to maintain. However, your choice always takes precedence.

         3.  Matching and coordinating the floor design with the living room wall decor

By following two different yet simple ways, you can completely elevate the look of your home by either matching or coordinating your floor with your living room wall decor. 

  • While matching the shades and colors of the floor with the walls of your living room wall decor, it is necessary to ensure that it’s an exact match and not a similar shade.
  • If your living room wall decore is in a rich colour shade, then light shade flooring can be coordinated with it to prevent the space from looking too dark. 
  • Similarly, if the living room wall decore is a light shade then selecting dark-themed flooring will add a stark contrast to your living room and make the environment look crisp and clean.

This matching and coordinating of shades will present you with plenty of options to choose from which provide much-needed uniqueness to your living room. Adding furniture in matching or contrasting colors to your living room wall decor and flooring can also be used to create a great effect.

With the abundance of options available in the market, it is easy to find yourself confused in the process of selecting the right combination of flooring for living room wall decor. As an expert in the field, Welspun Flooring is here to provide you with the complete solution. From planning, procurement to installation and adding the final details, visit Welspun Flooring to give your living room a stunning makeover. 

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