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Here's What No One Tells You About Red Floor Tiles

Here's What No One Tells You About Red Floor Tiles

Published on 18 June 2021, 11:00:25 AM

Hands down, the flooring in your house is the most important element. From being the most functional and the most used, flooring dictates the vibe of your space. They say your home is your reflection and your extension, and they say it right. Your home says a lot about you. And some parts of the home speak the loudest. One of those parts is your abode's flooring. It's a graphic statement, and you cannot escape it. 

And, if you want your statement to be bold and unique, then red floor tiles are the one for you. Why do we say that? Well, because a red floor has the power to add an instant style to your home or any commercial space. The shades of red floor tiles range from stimulating high spirits to calming peaceful tones, and all the shades are equally impactful in creating a truly vibrant space

Red floor tiles can wonderfully magnify the aesthetic appeal of any space. But there's something that no one tells you about these red floor tiles - something you as a homeowner must know. Let's get those hidden facts about the mysterious red floor tiles out today and discover all the significant properties, various types of tiles, and better alternatives, if any, of these attractive red floor tiles, and help you make the right decision about your home's flooring.

1. Tradition Terracotta Tiles:

One of the oldest types of ceramic tiles available in the market is terracotta tiles. These tiles have a unique traditional look and a rusty aspect that somehow feels natural and inviting. The word Terracotta has its origin from the Italian dialect meaning "baked earth." These tiles are created from porous and flexible clay. The significant iron content in it gives these tiles an earthy reddish color. 

Terracotta tiles, though very original and warm, lack the parameters of safety. They are porous and have to be kept dry and clean to avoid accidents or staining the tile. This feature makes them a questionable choice for having them in your home, as the chosen red floor tiles, particularly areas that are prone to coming in contact with water. 


2. The Famous Ceramic Tiles 

Ceramic tiles are one of the most versatile and widely found flooring options. They are available in a myriad of shapes, and have subcategories under them. The red shades available in these tiles can add a cherry pop vibe to your space, enabling the argument they can be the red floor tiles chosen by you. Also, it overcomes the disadvantage of the traditional terracotta tiles that are porous in nature since they are water-resistant and stain-proof. 

But there are some negative aspects too. These tiles are extremely hard and not a comfortable flooring option to stand on. It lacks the cushiony feeling and is not at all recommended for people who have back problems. Ceramic tiles are not weather resistant either - they heat up in summers and can become uncomfortably cold during the winters. Thus, they are not appropriate for walking barefoot or for your babies to crawl on the floor.


Now, if you are somewhat disappointed and wondering if any flooring option comes without any cons? Then, the answer is yes. The Click N Lock tiles from Welspun Flooring that come with the advanced Wel-Lock technology are the ones for your house.  

Click N Lock tiles are technologically advanced than the two flooring types discussed above. These tiles are made of five-layer stone and polymer composite and are the most comfortable to walk on. Being made of stone polymer composite, they are lighter than their ceramic counterparts while being sturdier. The cushiony feeling due to the comfortable backing makes these tiles one of the best in its category. Click N Lock tiles are waterproof, stain-resistant, fire-resistant, and antiviral. They are extremely durable and can be installed in less than a day. Also, the fact that these tiles can be installed over an existing floor spares one the hassles of dust, noise and other inconvenience associated with regular ceramic tiles.  


These stunning tiles are not only functional but also aesthetic. They are available in many shades and sizes - from vogue finishes, wooden textures to cherry red and unique patterns. So, wait no more, Welspun has got your needs covered with the most beautiful and comfortable red floor tiles ever.


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