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Home Makeover Ideas That Can Help You Achieve Your Dream Home

Home Makeover Ideas That Can Help You Achieve Your Dream Home

Published on 12 May 2022, 12:18:07 PM

If you have spent a lot of time scrutinizing your home and have been planning of giving your home an upgrade, this list of home makeover ideas is for you. Whether it's a long-overdue decluttering session, a creative project or remodeing your old table, all these can be done to give your home a much-needed makeover.

A well-designed space allows people to gather, make memories and bond. So, if you have a problematic space in your home and are unable to figure out what to do with it, read along to get inspiration.

Mentioned below are a few ideas which will help you get started on your home makeover journey right away.


  • Spruce Up Your Headboard

    There are so many headboard ideas that can totally transform your bedroom and make you feel as if you’re in a new space. to choose from. Whether it's a stunning velvet, an abstract print or a blousy floral, it's a weekend job that will completely transform your room.

  • Upping your lampshade game

    This year is all about colourful lampshades, so why not consider adding them to your home. Choose a contrasting colour to make a statement - pom-poms, beading or fringing are just a few of the options that you can explore based on your personal style

  • Cover cluttered spaces with curtains

    Curtains are not just being used as partitions but are also finding increasing popularity in home decor. You can use colourful patterns to hide chipped door frames, rusty corners and faded paints using them.


  • Creative ceilings 

This interior design trend has been around for a while, and we predict that it's going to become more popular this year. It's certainly a bold design feature, but you can use a pale shade to subtly highlight it. It works especially well in rooms that have high ceilings.


  • Rules of symmetry 

Reshuffling your home interior decor is sometimes all that is needed to give a space new life and proper symmetry will make it easier to keep things organised. Symmetry is what makes a space beautiful. For example, a bold wall colour calls for symmetry with furnishings and lamps. Use similar patters on either side of your couch, use similar lamps on either side of your study and so on.


  • Opt for fabrics

The right fabric can instantly transform the look of a room. Select brightly coloured curtains for the living room or bedroom and dark colours like red, purple and dark brown for the bedroom to create a rich and stylish atmosphere.


  • Fresh flowers 

The smell of fresh flowers and candles will add beauty and breathe life into the room. Plants can be added to your new home design to brighten up any drab corners. Using large-sized plants is optional, which would mostly depend on the available space.


  • Flooring

Every interior space has flooring that sets the tone from the ground up. Flooring is also one of the most permanent components of any room. Choosing the best flooring for your house can be a challenge. But this task is now made easy with the wide range of flooring options now available from Welspun flooring. Their Click-N-Lock tiles are not only game-changing but also economical and easy to install giving you a dream home makeover.

Click here to explore flooring options from Welspun Flooring such as the Click-N-Lock tiles and carpet tiles for your next home makeover project which is sure to help you turn your home into your dream home.

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