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How do you beautify a small house?

How do you beautify a small house?

Published on 27 August 2021, 07:36:06 AM

Small houses, if done elegantly, can transform into the coziest beautiful spaces one can imagine! But decoding interior design ideas for small houses is not an easy task, so let’s start by breaking your cozy abode into parts and then discover interior design ideas for particular spaces:

An inviting entrance with elegant flooring is a must.

The flooring in the entrance of little spaces has the magical potential to carry lightweight and bright shades. But, before you go out and decide one particular flooring style, take your sweet time to analyze the space and imagine what texture of tiles would look the best with all the elements present there. 

Pro tip: Entrances must have tiles that are durable, sturdy, non slippery, stain proof, and easy to maintain for maximum convenience. The best interior design ideas for small houses, in this case, is the unique collection of Click N Lock tiles by Welspun, which comes with a five layer core made of Stone Polymer Composite that imparts longevity to the product. Click N Lock tiles can be rightly considered as one of the interior design ideas for small houses. These tiles are extremely easy to install because of the unique Wel-Lock technology used that fits the tiles into one another without any hassle and tops the list when it comes to unraveling interior design ideas for small houses. 



A living room that matches your personality.

After the entrance, the living room comes into the picture. An impressive laying area can do wonders like no other, and we all are aware of this. In our quest to make the living room an appealing space, we take care of everything from the curtains to the showpieces but miss the biggest element, i.e., the flooring. 

Interior design ideas for small houses with elegant flooring can make your living space visually moving in a lot of ways. If you want to make the look and feel of the area bigger, then go for lighter shades, as they are proven to give an illusion of increased dimensions. However, other interior design ideas for small houses could be dark wood, stone and carpet tiles if you want to create a sophisticated environment.

 Pro tip: Experts suggest that for interior design ideas for small houses for living rooms, you can either go with the Click N Lock tiles for a charming look or the carpet tiles to multiply warmth and comfort. Carpet tiles from Welspun are made with the highest quality yarn that is stain proof and can be maintained easily.

Make your bedroom the most relaxing place on the planet.

For reasons that don’t require any justification, your bedroom must be a total haven and should have a touch of your personal style to it. For Interior design ideas for small houses in a bedroom, the flooring should be as comfortable as it should be beautiful. In fact, each and every interior design idea for a small house revolves around the narrative of making the place visually appealing and cozy. 

Pro tip: Being your flooring well-wisher, we suggest that you again go for Interior design ideas for small houses with Click N lock tiles that are available in a wide range of exquisite shades in wood and stone texture for all of your precious choices and needs. 

 Also, for making your balcony area an ultimate beauty, Greens from Welspun are here to your rescue. This Interior design idea for small houses’ artificial grass is made with highly resilient and high-quality fibers that give them a completely realistic look to real grass. So, now you can bask in the lap of greens without any hassle of maintaining it. 

Merge aesthetics and functionality together in your kitchen.

If you are looking to add a modish touch to your kitchen, then interior design ideas for small houses with Click N Lock tiles can do the trick for you. These interior design ideas for small houses, as discussed before also, are stain and scratch proof and are thus ideal for a kitchen that goes through a lot of wear and tear on a regular basis. Moreover, being technologically advanced, CNL tiles are resistant to germs and bacteria, thus adding the hygiene element to your kitchen.  

We think you get the gist here! Beautifying your small home is not much of a task when you walk step by step through all the interior design ideas. Choose interior design ideas for small houses that go with your style and plans, and create the best out of it. For detailed information interior design ideas for small houses, visit


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