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How Do You Choose The Best Flooring Ideas For Home?

How Do You Choose The Best Flooring Ideas For Home?

Published on 31 July 2021, 09:57:40 AM

Today we are spoiled with all kinds of flooring choices - big, small, smooth, rough, light, heavy, wooden, stone, and whatnot! There are innumerable flooring ideas for home one can set their foot on, and that's a great thing for the inherent shopper in all of us. But things are all roses and jasmine till one faces the dilemma of choosing the best flooring ideas for home - one that fits all the boxes of functionality, aesthetic, and budget, of course. It can apparently be a challenging task for first-timers, especially with no background knowledge of flooring ideas for home. Worry not, we are here! 

Before you go on browsing the internet and digging the market, we have compiled a crisp flooring guide for your convenience. Read on till the end because you never know which of the flooring ideas for home is the perfect dramatic match for your house!


Click N Lock Tiles

Let's start with the consumer's choice and our favourite too! The Click N Lock tiles from Welspun are just the perfect flooring idea for home. These tiles are sturdy, durable, aesthetic, extremely easy to install, easy to maintain, comfortable for the underfoot, non-slippery, prevents grouts, scratch proof, stain proof, and whatnot! 

These tiles are made of five layers, including one made with Stone Polymer Composite that imparts strength and longevity to the tiles like none other. SPC is considered the best flooring material by experts around the country. Apart from this, these tiles also have a cushiony backing which makes it easy to walk.

Available in a wide collection of exquisite wood and stone finishes, these tiles can be installed unquestionably anywhere- from bedrooms to living areas in a span of less than twenty-four hours without any dust or noise. These tiles can be installed on the existing floors too!


Carpet Tiles 

Want to witness elegance and functionality merging with each other? Then, modern carpet tiles are the one for you. Carpet tiles from Welspun are made with the highest quality yarn, making them highly durable and resistant to staining and fading. These tiles can add a unique and classy tune to space with just their sheer presence. 

This flooring idea for home has a non slippery texture that leads to increased friction and thus is best for homes with elderly and children, among others. Adding cherry to the cake is the sound absorbent technology which makes them a better and more affordable alternative than traditional flooring types such as marbles and granites. 


Artificial Grass

This flooring idea for home is the one to make you fall in love with itself. Artificial grass adds a refreshing aura to your home and never gets out of style, especially when duly taken care of. The top-notch quality artificial grass from Welspun, also called Greens, is made of highly resilient fibers that go on looking the same for years. These fibers do not flatten out with long-term usage and continue to retain its soft, cushioned feeling over the year. 

The best thing about this flooring idea for home is that, unlike real grass, Greens require almost no manual upkeep like mowing, watering, etc. This makes this option more eco friendly than original grass. Make your balcony, porch, and corners come alive with the feel of real grass. This magnificent, easy to maintain & install flooring is becoming the choice of homeowners day by day. Greens can really transform your home into a gorgeous abode and soon become your pet's favourite space, your relaxing reading corner, and your child's playing area! 


Wall to Wall Carpets

Do you stand in awe of the sophisticated look that some high-end theatres, hotels, and halls have? And sometimes wish to emulate the same flooring ideas for home? Then, you are at the right place. The urbane Wall-to-wall carpets match your imagination every inch. These carpets would look best in your living area with all the modish elements and a touch of contemporary to them. 

As the name suggests, Wall to Wall carpets cover the whole floor with their intricate look and feel. This flooring comes with superior sound absorption that prevents excess reverberation around the room.  Also, wall to wall carpets are made out of the highest quality yarn which ensures superior colour retention and durability. 


So, with this, we complete our comprehensive flooring guide with just the choicest and unmatched options exquisitely designed, keeping in mind the lifestyle of a modern consumer. Hope you got the gist! For more information, visit

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