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How Do You Maintain Artificial Grass on a Balcony?

How Do You Maintain Artificial Grass on a Balcony?

Published on 26 July 2021, 11:42:11 AM

A beautiful lush green balcony is every house owner’s pride. Everyone wants an enchanting lawn to flaunt but not many know the right process or have much spare time to dedicate it to maintaining their lawns. Also, not everyone has the perfect condition or facility to grow a natural green lawn. The rise of artificial grass solution has helped people to overcome the hurdles of maintaining a real lawn and enjoy all year greenery. It is highly durable, beautiful, practical and is very less demanding when it comes to maintenance. It can be used to decorate both your home’s interiors and exteriors like a balcony or lawn. With the help of high-tech production technology and improved materials, artificial grass can faithfully replicate the freshness and appearance of a natural grass blade. It combines the thickness and maintains the sun-tanned faded green colour to keep it real. Now that you have already decided to go for artificial grass for balcony or your terrace, you need to know about the simple tricks to maintain it. But compared to natural grass you don't need to water, trim or fertilise it. That is taking a huge responsibility off your shoulders. 


Few ideas for simple maintenance 

  1. Green balconies and rooftops are always the spots for entertainment. What if one of your guests accidentally spilt some wine or coffee on your grass? Or what if your pet ends up having an incident on it? These are a few things that are not in your control. But nothing to worry about. Welspun flooring's artificial grass for balcony have got you covered. All that you have to do is hose it down using a pipe or a bucket of water to splash the area, without about waterlogging. If the artificial grass for balcony is properly installed it will drain out every last drop of water without any waterlogging. Once it dries out you can spray out the area with a mild fragrance or soapy solution. A solution of vinegar mixed and water can be used to remove the stain easily replacing the fresh feel to the artificial grass for balcony in no time.  
  2. As artificial grass for balcony is installed mostly outdoors, many times it catches dry leaves, dust and waste paper pieces.  A vacuum cleaner is enough to clean the artificial grass for balcony and roofs. For papers and dry leaves you can handpick them and for smaller particles like dust you can use a vacuum cleaner. But if it's a larger area than our balconies like a garden or a big terrace you can use an air blower to corner all the wastes. 
  3. Because of where it is placed, constant foot traffic can crush certain areas of the artificial grass for balcony. Therefore a periodic easy maintanence is necessary to hold its charm. To do this you need a brush or better if you use a hard broom and brush the artificial grass to make the crushed tips vertical. You can spray a soap solution or water the entire area with care.

Professional maintenance is much more than grass brushing. They also do the following - 

  • Filling up gaps - They have the equipment to measure any uneven gap between grass blades and if any such gap is found they will manage it by planting extra artificial grass.
  • Tightening the edges- They also scrutinise the edges of the artificial grass for balcony to make it tight. If any edge is found loose they will fix it to avoid any possible accidents. 
  • Anti-bacterial measures - Also they use special chemical solutions to keep the artificial grass for balcony free of bacterias and insects.  

If you are rooting for  artificial grass for balcony a professional care routine will extend the longevity and will also keep the refreshing vibe of your artificial grass intact for a longer period of time.

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