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How is Commercial Carpet Different from ESD Carpet Tile?

How is Commercial Carpet Different from ESD Carpet Tile?

Published on 26 July 2021, 07:39:34 PM

Carpets are always favored when it comes to enhancing the look of any space. Choosing what kind of flooring a place should have is half the work done.  We all know what we want on our carpet. Incredible designs, mesmerizing textures, great acoustic qualities, and other advantages that ticks all the other right boxes. Whether it’s commercial carpet or anti-static carpet tiles, take it in your confidence that you will walk out with fantastic options. 

What is commercial carpet?

Commercial carpet is basically used in offices or business settings. Commercial carpets are manufactured keeping in mind the durability like tighter looping and designed with pile heights. People in offices walk around all the time and so the properties of the carpet are built in a way to withstand years of casual use, coffee or tea stains,  general wear and tear. Its low maintenance cost is one of the major reasons for its growing popularity. It is quality-engineered to provide long and useful life and is manufactured for heavy use. However, an yearly maintenance plan will surely maintain the look of the carpet and also aid in offering a hygienic environment. 

It is cost-effective 

Your carpet dealer can show you various types of carpets for residential or commercial purposes that suit your budget. The reason behind this is that commercial carpets are designed keeping in mind durability and usually engineered with affordable fibers because it covers huge spaces which means larger sq ft to cover. Hence it is a strategic decision to lower the cost. 

Commercial carpets are long-lasting

In a business or in an industrial setup that is likely to have heavy foot traffic, commercial carpets can last nearly a decade or even more with minimal maintenance. In a domestic setting, the same carpets can last even longer due to less footfall.

It is low maintenance 

If it’s your home carpet it will need at least one cleaning a year by a professional. But when it comes to commercial carpet tiles you can expect far less maintenance. Its durable fibers and tight loops are resistant to the stocking of waste liters and dust particles. Commercial carpet tiles are also stain-resistant and easy to clean up. You can replace or remove one tile if you encounter some stubborn stain or aggressive damage instead of removing and buying a whole new section.   

What are ESD carpet tiles or anti-static carpet tiles? 

While looking for flooring for commercial space or cleanroom flooring you might have come across a term called ESD flooring. To put it in simple words it is an Electrostatic Discharge flooring also called anti-static carpet tiles, that protects electronic devices from casualties caused by the accumulation of static electricity as people walk. Also known as anti-static carpet tiles,  it consists of conductive materials like graphite, carbon, or metal-coated molecules and particles to give the anti-static carpet tiles or ESD carpets electrical conductivity. It is done to create an electrical route from the stepping surface to the ground. 

Why is ESD carpet tiles used?

It is used to manipulate the intentional flow of electrical energies to different directions to eliminate any potential threat or accidental electrostatic release which can be potentially damaging to appliances. Even the tiniest and unnoticed spark can initiate technical wear and tear in electrically sensitive microchips. 

How do anti-static carpet tiles work?

An anti-static carpet tile consists of conductive particles within its origin that allow an electric current to pass through it.ESDs or anti-static carpet tiles basically comprised of conducting materials made of carbon fibers which basically help the electrostatic discharge in an individual to pass onto the floor (earth is considered to be at 0 volts always) to help neutralize it. Had the charge not been grounded and the concerned person ended up touching an electrical appliance, static electricity of 2000-3000 volt would have passed through it, causing it to blow up.  

ESD flooring or anti-static carpet tiles are preferred in places like factories, workshops, and research and developmental spaces that involve handling sensitive electronic components and appliances. The purpose of installing anti-static carpet tiles is to remove any smallest jolt of static discharge from a human body. It removes static from people before they touch anything that could become damaged. On the contrary, regular carpet tiles can be used in normal offices and homes to bring about a vibrant charm giving them multiple design possibilities and high customizability. Anti-static carpet tiles are a safer alternative as compared to Carpet Tiles in spaces that involve working with electrical appliances. Whether it’s a commercial carpet or an anti-static carpet tile or ESD carpet, always consult experts before installing. These types of floorings are made with minute technical details to suit the purpose and you wouldn't want any flaws while setting it up. Welspun flooring makes sure that heavy-duty carpets are also a visual pleasure. You shouldn't miss such a rare combination.

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