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How Much Do You Know about White Carpet Flooring?

How Much Do You Know about White Carpet Flooring?

Published on 22 July 2021, 03:42:02 PM

If you are planning to renovate the flooring of your house you have to choose from a wide spread of options, like tiles, wooden flooring, carpet flooring, laminate, and more. If you want to settle for something different and subtle, white carpet flooring is a recent trend gaining widespread attention.  White carpet flooring saves you time because it can be the perfect inspiration for your new colour pallet for the whole room. Using white carpet flooring is not an ‘out of box idea to explore. But the muted charm never ceases to fade. Even after decades, white is still in fashion. It carries a sense of grace and calmness with it which makes it a perfect choice for the home. 

White gets the basic right 

White carpet flooring has a tricky style of complementing every colour shade in the room. It takes away the pain of going through hundreds of floor colours and cuts your stress on deciding the colour-match. Whether it’s your bedroom or living room, the whole flooring can subtly change the dimension and vocabulary of a space. It lets other elements of your room stand out visually, like the couch and curtains. White flooring throws up endless opportunities to be creative with the rest of your room without worrying about the limited colour options that will suit the flooring.

Gives extra space to smaller rooms

There are various websites and blogs out there to dictate which type of colour one should use for small areas. You save yourself the trouble of going through all those by choosing white carpet flooring. White is an obvious solution to make a room feel bigger. It is not a secret that light colours create an illusion of a larger room by reflecting lights, especially natural lights. Whether it's a small living room, bedroom, or kitchen, white inspires the appearance of a larger space. 

Unity in diversity 

If you have a dark colour shade on your walls with light-coloured flooring, particularly white flooring will do the necessary trick of complimenting the wall space. White admires almost any colour you choose for your room backdrop. You can go for different favourite colours of yours to paint the walls of your rooms by keeping your flooring white. The colour contrasts will surprise you. To make it more praiseworthy, you can border your white carpet flooring with dark colours of plaster. It will look fancier and compact. 

 Brighter rooms

Let’s get real about one thing. You will rarely find your dream home while hunting for houses or apartments. You will always find something missing or ‘could have been better’ kinds. Sometimes the location is great but the rooms do not have any access to natural light. Rooms that do not have natural light access can get dull and hot, especially during the summer days. White carpet flooring can solve this problem to a great extent. White, being already bright, reflects light and brightens up the surroundings. You can use some floor and wall lamps intelligently to illuminate the space. You can also give the white flooring a glossy touch-up. This will do wonders. If you have access to natural light, you can keep your windows open even in summer because white does not absorb heat and helps to keep the room cool. 

Easy to point out the dirt

If you are thinking about installing white carpet flooring in your house, you must be wondering what it's like to live with them. Are they a nightmare to clean? Or are the damages more noticeable? If you want to go for white carpet flooring, you should strictly consider your cleaning commitments. If you live in a house or in an apartment with shoes-off rules, you can easily adapt to white flooring. Even if you have a pet and a toddler, it won't be much of a problem as long as you have strong cleaning ethics. It is true that white attracts more dirt and gets stained easily. But if you are particular about your cleanliness then it shouldn't be a problem. With quick vacuuming, your white carpet flooring will become clean and dirt-free the way it was when you first bought it.

Safe for kids 

If you have a kid running inside your house, the thing that worries you the most is a slippery floor. With white carpet flooring, there is no chance of it getting wet and slippery. It absorbs liquid and also it will offer a soft layer for your kid’s soft feet. Even if they fall, you should not worry about any injuries. If you are thinking about spills, it shouldn't bother you if you are very particular about your cleaning habits and if it is just water you can dry it by using a simple vacuum cleaner or a hairdryer. 

It’s versatile 

White has a world of options and choices. It has innumerable textures and shades that can bring out the versatility in your rooms. You can go for warm and cool shades depending on the nature of your room. Colours like ivory white, cream white vanilla, and champagne white are some of the options that might mesmerise you. 


If you want to go for white flooring for all the rooms but with a touch of diversity, Welspun Flooring is the right place that can offer you a range of white shades to choose from. Whether it’s your living room, bedroom, or your kid's play area, Welspun has it all. 

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