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How much does it cost to install white tile in a 12x12 room?

How much does it cost to install white tile in a 12x12 room?

Published on 24 May 2021, 09:39:25 AM

Tile flooring has emerged as a popular option for homeowners owing to its unique aesthetic appeal. Generally, a few homeowners are more inclined to opt for dark color tiles due to low maintenance as they are less susceptible to damage and stains. Also, when it comes to brushing and mopping, take less time during vacuuming, and even the entire cleaning regime is a swift process.

However, a few homeowners cannot resist the charm of timeless white tile oozing an outstanding beauty. Undoubtedly, white tile demands higher maintenance, and white tiles flooring price may prove to be slightly expensive, but at the same time, they also impart unparalleled charm. If you are toying with the idea of installing white tiles in a 12x12 room, you must consider a few important aspects that will impact the overall white floor tiles price. So, how much does it cost to tile a 12X12 room? Let’s find out.


Size of Tiles

The larger the tile size, the less will be the grouting and finishing time. The size of the tile has a direct impact on the white tiles flooring price. Larger sizes are more cost-effective in comparison to smaller tile size. Once you choose the tile design, you require measurements related to the width and length of the tile to ascertain the exact white floor tiles price. Once you have the relevant measurement, simply divide the same by the price per foot to figure out the white floor tiles price. 

Type of Tile Material

White tiles price is also influenced to a great extent by the kind of material you choose. White tile is available in natural stone, ceramic, vinyl, mosaic, porcelain, and others. Grouting material costing is also included in the white tiles price. The quantity related to the same can be determined by the tile installer depending on the total area required to be tiled.


Style and Patterns

If a white tile comes in any specific design or pattern, the white tiles price is going to be expensive due to achieving a remarkable appeal. For instance, if a tile comes in an exclusive diagonal pattern or herringbone style, such pattern will lead to greater wastage in cutting, eventually making the tile expensive.


Cost of Tile Fixing Material

The majority of the homeowners overlook the various other additional white tiles price before embarking on the white tile installation process. In modern times, tiles are fixed with a ready-made tile adhesive instead of conventional cement and sand mortar. Generally, the basic material cost for fixing the floor tile stands for Rupees 30-40/per square feet. To ascertain the precise white tile installation cost, you simply require multiplying the total square feet of tiles with the rate of material. 

However, if the floor level is not even, the contractor or tile installation expert will require additional material for leveling the floor surface which will eventually result in cost escalation of additional material costs in the context of white tile installation cost.


Labour Costs

Tiling work requires a high level of skill, especially when a tile is featuring an intricate pattern or high-end materials. In fact, a lot hinges on the labor cost in terms of overall white tiles price besides the type of tile material used, the complexity of the project, geographical region, and more. 

Labour cost is an important installation component of the overall white tiles price. Labour cost ranges between INR 30 to INR 40 / square foot. Labour cost includes fixing the tiles by using tile adhesive, grouting, and imparting a finishing touch to the tiles. Even disposal of waste generated during floor tiles installation makes an impact on white tiles price. If the design of the tile demands border installation, specific curved design or medallions, the contractor can demand extra labour costs depending on the design complexity.


The Bottom Line

A white tile, no matter which material is used, certainly demands high maintenance, and therefore, you need to consider the additional maintenance cost as well. However, any such fact about white tiles price should not dampen your inclination towards white tiles. Quality matters a lot when it comes to choosing white tile. Therefore, one should always opt for a reputed white tile brand to ensure lasting tile durability rather than focusing merely on the white tiles price.

Also, a reputed tile contractor must be hired to ensure a foolproof installation of white tile. For the same, it is always advisable to approach two-three different contractors for white tiles price quotations before finalizing one.

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