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How to choose perfect floor tiles for home? Note these 5 tips

How to choose perfect floor tiles for home? Note these 5 tips

Published on 28 July 2022, 09:39:21 AM

Revamping the walls and flooring of your space can dramatically transform the overall look and feel of your home. It can breathe new life into an otherwise lackluster living space by introducing patterns, pops of colors, and aesthetically pleasing tile designs. But how do you know the perfect floor tiles for your home that can tie all the different décor elements together for a harmonious vibe? 

The decisions you need to make for installing the right floor tiles for a home can seem endless. But don’t let those beads of sweat trickle down your forehead just yet because we have got your back.

Here are some helpful tips that can make choosing the best floor tiles for your home a learning yet fun experience.

Size of the Tile

The size of your floor tiles has a major impact on the final look of your flooring. Experts suggest that smaller tiles ranging between 12x12 inches and 16x16 inches look visually appealing in areas such as bedrooms, bathrooms, and the kitchen. Larger tiles with fewer grout lines go well in big homes where the room’s width exceeds 16 feet making the big tiles look proportionate. 

The Finish

Before you finalize floor tiles for your home, know the diverse finishes they come in. From polished and matt finishes to marble-tech, rustic, wooden, metallic, and more, you can choose a finish that helps you achieve a cohesive look for your space. For instance, glazed tiles have an extremely reflective surface which makes the light bounce off the floor. So, they can be used in a small space to make it appear bigger. Matte finish floor tiles for home are excellent for high-traffic areas or the outdoors. For more ideas, check out our Click-N-Lock tile collection here.

The Material

When you begin looking for floor tiles for your home, you will come across many different material types. Some of the most popular ones include natural stone, wood, ceramic, porcelain, quarry, terracotta, vitrified, and more. For a more long-lasting and durable option, natural stone tiles fit the bill. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are also highly popular and affordable tile options available in different sizes, finishes, and shapes. 

The Color

Research shows that different colors affect our moods differently. It’s important to pay attention to the colors you want to see in your surroundings for a long, long time. While lighter colors can make a room appear more spacious, darker colored floors can give it a more intimate and cozier vibe. Don’t be afraid to play with grout colors either as they have a lot to add to your floor designs.  

The Pattern and Texture

Whether you opt for a customized pattern or go the mix-and-match route, remember to not for overboard with patterns. Use them in a single area to bring more glamor to a specific space. For instance, a defining border looks to separate your dining area from the rest of the room or a set of bright tiles on your shower floor. Or, if you wish to cover the entire floor in patterns, make sure the furniture complements the floors. 

Are You Ready to Spruce Up Your Home?

Remodeling an interior space needs careful planning and research. Things can quickly go downhill if you miss out on the basic details, features, and benefits of different tiles and the room each would best suit. We hope our guide for choosing the ideal floor tiles for your home can come in handy when you are looking to give your floors a makeover. If you still find it an overwhelming task, stress not, because Welspun Flooring is here to make your lives easier. 

We are a leading brand offering a wide range of flooring options to add more visual appeal to your floors and take the aesthetics of your interiors to the next level. From Greens to the Click-N-Lock tiles range, we can help you select the best tile for different rooms in your home based on your budget and lifestyle needs. You can view our entire floor tile collection here for inspiration. Choose from the multitudes of designs, textures, patterns, colors, and shades to beautify your homes.

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